How To Survive A Hostile Work Environment

How To Survive A Hostile Work Environment

by Jelena D

If your job is stressing you out or making you physically or emotionally unwell, you can look for ways to either change it, or find ways to cope with it. Some things to do – start meditation, exercise, go in for acupuncture, meet with friends, pray, and use bibliotherapy. If you work for a large employer, you may inquire from HR/Personnel if there may be other options for you to change positions within the same company.

Start a journal and track what are the things that mostly frustrate you and note if you have any control over them. Remember that your health, family, and freedom are more important than the rat race. Try to focus on something that makes you happy and fulfilled and remember that a job is only a job. Unless you’re independently wealthy, self employed, disabled or do not have to work for any other reason, you will always work for someone else. Meditation and spiritual practice can reduce anxiety and help you manage your stress level. The Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta, offers free meditation classes, public lectures on healing and Buddhist teachings.

If you decide to change your job, you may want to meet with a career counselor, use an EAP (employee assistance) therapist – (many employers provide this as a benefit and you may be able to use 4-8 sessions free of charge), contact a personal coach who will help you clarify your goals, blocks to moving forward and in identifying some short term goals for your self.

While at work, stay hydrated, try to talk small walks, focus on your breathing when angry or upset, use a mental mantra/prayer and remind yourself that everything in life is temporary.

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