Following the Process of Effective Lead Management

Following the Process of Effective Lead Management

by Johnny S

Implementing processes has been a favoured tactic of successful ventures, business and otherwise, since the beginning of conscious thought. Think about it: even something as simple as your coffee or breakfast tastes better when you follow a particular process. Improving lead management in your business is very much the same, and you can implement it effortlessly with a quality lead management system.

  1. Understand your leads

The benefit of using lead management systems is that it gives you access to information on your leads that just didn’t exist before. Now, with such systems, you have the ability to see where your leads are coming from and even when and from where they tend to come in more frequently. With this information you can begin to understand your leads – knowledge of who they are and where they come from can make a major difference for your business. If you see you are attracting more people from certain areas or sectors than others, you have a better understanding of how to target your marketing strategies.

Another excellent tool for improved lead management is the capability to measure different aspects of your lead generation. Along with seeing where your leads are coming from you can now also measure which leads are more successful and viable. You can even measure which marketing campaigns are proving most effective, and all of this helps to teach you more about the clientele you actually want and need your service. From there will be able to draw in more – and better – leads.

  1. Rate your leads

Building on the concept of using lead management systems to measure the success of certain sources and campaigns, measurement tools can also be used to rate your leads. This involves ranking your leads according to a scoring system to identify their value and potential. Once you have that information you can focus your sales teams and agents far more effectively, prioritising higher-value leads and those more likely to convert rather than wasting precious time on leads that are less likely to result in any worthwhile business.

  1. Nurture your leads

Nurturing your leads is a vital aspect of the sales process, and improving your lead management process will help this too. By constantly tracking and measuring your leads, identifying the stages of the sales funnel where they tend to convert, you can better identify the type of nurturing required. By being able to label the stage of your process the lead is currently in your sales agents can far more easily identify whether they need to nurture the lead with extra information or demonstrations (awareness phase) or special offers and negotiations (decision phase).

  1. Keep tabs on your leads

The best thing about using a quality lead management system to navigate this process for improved lead management is that it gives you the ability to keep track of everything the whole way through. Everything from which sales agents are assigned to which leads and exactly how well they managing contact with their leads is right at your fingertips. All you need to do is try it and you will see the results. Here’s a free trial of a high-class lead management system to give you a taste of how effective it can be!

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