How To Find An Affordable Moving Truck Rental

How To Find An Affordable Moving Truck Rental

by Erin F

Nowadays, almost everyone is trying to spend less money for more value, especially for major payments for services and big-ticket purchases. This is also true when moving to a new home. Thankfully, with the emergence of a number of home movers and truck rentals, people can now compare each provider and choose based on their preferences and budget.

However, as with any other service or product, the cheapest doesn’t always mean you’re actually saving money. You might be sacrificing on the service quality and integrity, and might even cost you more should they fail to meet your requirements or fail you altogether. Which is why we listed a few tips in choosing a trustworthy truck rental company like this website that can deliver your requirements above expectations and on budget.

Ask the People Your Trust

One of the most effective ways to get recommendations is asking your friends and relatives. If you know that they moved to a new residence in the recent years, chances are they also availed of home moving services and truck rentals. Ask about their experience and see if they had any problems with their provider. Talking to them about their moving experience will also help you have an idea about other aspects of moving that you may not have given thought yet. If they were happy with the service provider they hired, this will immediately trim down your options and help you towards making a decision. Make sure to take note of their recommendation and give the recommended provider a call.

Call Different Truck Rental Companies

Calling different truck rental companies is important for two main reasons. Talking to potential service providers help you to confirm the agreed rates, and see if they have additional deals to offer.

While most truck rental providers will publish the prices for the public to see, you might be able to negotiate a lower rate depending on the requirements. You wouldn’t want to pay the advertised price when in fact, you could have gotten a lower rate if the moving distance isn’t as far.

When talking over the phone with a truck rental representative, try to test the waters if they can provide additional discounts for you. Imply that you are considering some options and is looking for the best deal. Should a representative feel they can save a sale by providing a special promo discount for you, they might give additional discounts just to lock the deal with you. You can also use quotes from other providers with lower prices as a leverage in negotiating a more affordable rate.

Physically Inspect the Truck Before Renting

Browsing online for possible truck rentals or merely talking to representatives over the phone might not give you an exact idea what type or size of truck you will need. Additionally, you don’t want your rental provider to just hand you a vehicle that’s not in the best condition. Even if a truck rental company seems trustworthy, it is still your responsibility to make sure you get what you need.

Set aside some time well in advance to visit their office and select which truck you prefer in person. See to it that the vehicle is clean and is well-maintained. Damages on the body and interiors may indicate that it’s been repeatedly used before, so you should try to avoid choosing this. Should a truck break down while in your possession, rental companies might compel you to cover repair charges, which is never ideal for any customer? Request for a certification of perfect condition from the truck rental provider before you rent it out.

Choose the Right Size of Moving Truck

You wouldn’t want to run out of space during your moving day, which is why it’s very important to select a truck that fits your needs. When choosing a truck, consider the number of rooms in your home, how many boxes you have, and other items stashed in your storage unit, should you need to transport these as well. Depending on your rental arrangement, you may even use the truck for multiple trips to ferry items between your old new residence, though this isn’t ideal if you’re moving far.

The best Value-for-Money

There is no proven formula for finding the perfect truck rental that fits your specific needs. Just be sensitive about what your needs are, what providers are offering, and at what price points these offers are being made. Try to find a balance between functionality and cost to satisfy your needs without going over budget. Be assertive in what you want, and only agree to terms once you’re sure of your decision.

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