Best 10 Apps For Accounting Professionals

Best 10 Apps For Accounting Professionals

by Jodie S

The technological advances we make each day help us in making our work more comfortable, in addition to reducing costs. As an accounting professional the opportunity to improve one’s productivity at the workplace is welcome. More apps are released each day for both Android and iOS systems, and thus we are spoilt for choice.

With these apps, it is possible for you to focus on the tasks at hand rather than wondering whether you will forget about attending an important business meeting. Some could help you arrange your travel plan or even make sharing of documents between colleagues seamless. It could be useful, especially, when one is seeking accounting hw help.

What apps are these?

1. Take notes with Evernote

You don’t need pen and paper to jot down relevant information. Your mobile phone will do just fine. There are numerous note-taking applications that you can choose from, e.g., Springpad, Quip, etc.

This app will synchronize your notes and information you put down, to the cloud and other devices. Thus, it is possible for you to view the records you had created on your laptop or desktop, at any time. You can save the info in different formats using links, voice, pictures, tables, etc.

You also have the option of keeping the information private or sharing it with others.

2. Google Calendar for Organization

An accountant’s day is often pretty busy. You may have a thousand and one things to do, and events to be part of, all very important. How do you schedule your time, focus on what you’re doing at the moment, and still be able to remember any meetings that you need to attend?

Being organized will boost your productivity levels. With Google Calendar you will be able to track events and approaching deadlines. It can also be handy when you have a submission timeline for your accounting home work.

You can use it to remind your clients of when things are due. It is also possible to include links to tax forms, and notes, too.

3. Document Sharing with Dropbox

It is a great collaboration tool as it makes sharing of documents, as simple as just clicking a button. The app synchronizes the materials in the shared folder, in the cloud, making them accessible to the person with access to the secure cloud location.

You can view, access, and update any of your documents stored using the app, using any other device. As long as, it has the same file sharing app. It allows you to backup your data to the cloud.

4. FollowUp for your Inbox

One of the significant productivity killers when working online is the urge to check your emails regularly. For one to avoid this, it is recommended to set aside specific times to check your inbox. However, on a busy day, it is possible for essential tasks and conversations to slip unnoticed.

This software will allow you to follow through crucial conversations without them slipping through the cracks. It is simple to set reminders, just with one click. You can also set reminders for a specific site.

For a student, it could be, one that advises you on, how to pay someone to do homework, before it slips your mind.

5. KeePass to manage your Passwords

By now you probably have dozens of passwords and logins. If you are like me, it is improbable that you can remember all these passwords which are vital for protecting your privacy. How then do you manage all these info?

Keepass is an open source tool to manage your passwords. It locks all your passwords in a single database. It is a secure way to manage your passwords. Now, you only need to remember this one password to unlock all your other passwords.

6. XE Currency for real-time exchange rates

In the line of business of an accountant, you will have to convert one currency to another, at some point in time, if not always. It is an app that you can use on your Android or iOS phone and is free for use.

You can work offline as it stores the last updated rates. You will have access to up-to-the-minute exchange rates. It checks the exchange rates of all currencies in the world and precious metal too.

One of its new features is the XE Rate Alerts. It notifies you when your choice of currency pairs that you are watching, is triggered.

7. Skype for Video Conferencing

You don’t have to limit your services to clients who step on your premises. With Skype, you can forget about physical boundaries that are standing in the way of the growth of your business. Face-to-face meetings help to foster stronger relationships with clients.

Use video chat to communicate with your accounting clients, in person. They don’t need to burn fuel money just to be present at the office. And you have the flexibility of holding meetings from wherever you are.

8. TripIt to plan your Trips

You have a long day and a trip at the end of it, all. Your mind is packed with different vital information that you need to ponder about, and you can’t find room to keep in mind the details of your trip. Not to worry!

TripIt provides you with an easy to read itinerary for your trip. You just have to book the trip and forward the confirmation email. Be it your hotel plans, flight, car rental or restaurant confirmation.

You can access the master plans from TripIt even when you are offline. It contains essential details to make the trip a success, e.g., confirmation numbers, directions, maps, dates, times, etc.

9. Flipboard for a customized experience

You can now access the news content that piques your interest by using one app. Flipboard collects latest information and news from a variety of sources. It then curates it depending on your interests. All in a single platform, and in a pleasant and easy to use format.

10. Uber

We couldn’t end the list without mentioning Uber. You can travel with ease from one location to another and at affordable rates. Depending on your preferences, choose the level comfort of you would like, with the different Uber services.


If your work is bogging you down, you can still lessen it with the above apps. You just need to know what you need and where to look for it. It could be, requiring to stay on top of your calendar or sharing a document with colleagues or clients without breaking a sweat.

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