5 Signs That Outsource Fulfillment is The Answer

5 Signs That Outsource Fulfillment is The Answer

by Mike W

Outsourcing fulfilment is not the answer to every organisation’s prayers, but for a majority of online retailers, it allows a high level of customer satisfaction at an affordable cost. Simply put, fulfilling the customer’s order is the goal, and by outsourcing every stage of the process from the shopping cart to the delivery, you are achieving your goal in the most cost-effective way possible.

  1. Increase in Orders – Of course, this is great news, but fulfilling suddenly becomes more complex, and consequently costs rise. Once you reach the point where you – or a staff member – can no longer keep track of all the consignments, it is time to call in a 3rd party logistics provider. For ecommerce fulfilment to really work, you do need a logistics expert in your corner, and you can find one with an online search.
  1. Inaccurate Order Fulfilment – If your orders are incorrect – which can happen when the volume increases – then this is a sign that things are not working as they should. By talking to an established 3rd party logistics provider, they would be able to configure a system whereby all orders are correct, and in a cost-effective way.
  1. International Expansion – If your business is steadily growing and you are receiving regular orders from one specific country, it is time to enlist the help of an established 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) provider. This is the most cost-effective way to handle international orders, as a 3PL company would have branches in most foreign countries, allowing for efficient order delivery.
  1. Rising Fulfilment Costs – If you find that the cost of fulfilling your orders is growing, this is a sure sign that your logistics set up is not performing well, and perhaps it is time to call in the experts. A 3rd party logistics provider has many resources and with a super-efficient system in place your costs will drop to an acceptable level. If you really have to cut costs, there is a useful guide to cost cutting in business, which might help in a number of ways.
  1. Strained Administration – A young company might be able to manage their business operations, with the few employees all knowing their role, yet when things get really busy, as your digital marketing campaign kicks in, mistakes begin to occur. If this is allowed to continue, customers will start to complain about late or incorrect orders, and this can be very damaging to the business, in the form of negative reviews.

The process of successfully processing orders can be very complex, and for busy companies, it makes sense to outsource fulfilment to a trusted logistics provider, one who has the resources and ability to handle any volume of orders. The pick and pack service can really take the strain from the online retailer, and with every step of the process in the hands of the professionals, you can be confident you can handle further expansions. If you would like to explore the 3PL possibilities, all it takes is a simple Google search and you can learn how to save on your order fulfilment.

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