5 Non-Security Reasons Your Organization Needs Employee ID Cards

5 Non-Security Reasons Your Organization Needs Employee ID Cards

by Mike W

There are more than a few reasons why most businesses and corporations issue sleek-looking ID cards to their newly appointed employees. Barring the obvious security reasons, custom employee ID card can make people feel that they are an integral part of the company they are working for. These plastic cards also prove practical when you have a hard time remembering all the names of people who work for you. While large corporations and big-box stores use ID cards to good effect, it’s yet to be adopted by many medium-sized local businesses. If you are a local business owner, here are 5 reasons why you need to invest in employee ID cards.

Help Customers Connect with Your Employees: Customers often connect with company representatives which can lead them to become loyal to the brand. It all starts when a customer calls an employee by his or her name. Name tags and ID Cards allow customers to learn the name of your front-office employees, which in turn allows employees to forge long-lasting relationships. As a business owner, custom ID cards also help you remember the names of all your staff member and build a professional yet friendly relationship.

Dignified Way of Monitoring Work Duration and Granting Access: Back in the day, people were required to record their entry and exit time using automatic recording clocks. However, nowadays the chore of clocking in and clocking out may feel demeaning to a lot of employees. Today, ID cards double as access cards and they silently record the entry and exit time of all employees. Instead of making them feel like they are being monitored, scanning their ID cards to gain entry make employees feel empowered.

It Boosts Employee Morale: When employees see their names and designations printed on a company ID card they immediately feel like they belong and they start respecting the values and core policies. An employee ID card also goes a long way into making a new employee feel more accepted. It helps them fight the new-job jitters and allows experienced employees to connect with the new guy or gal. ID cards also make employees believe that they are working for a stable organization. This encourages them to put in those extra hours to justify their positions.

It Presents a Branding Opportunity: Employees don’t just wear ID cards in their workplaces. Most employees have them around their necks when leaving for office and have them on when returning back. This presents a great branding opportunity. A great looking custom ID card with your company logo can help boost brand visibility. When introducing ID cards for the first time, these simple cards become conversation starters as people end up talking more about your brand and business.

Makes Companies Look More Professional: Custom ID cards for employees help build client and customer confidence. It shows that as a business owner you are willing to pay attention to the little things as well as the big ones. Company representatives with custom ID cards also make a better impression and thus have a better success rate.

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