5 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Your Employees Productivity

5 Guaranteed Ways To Boost Your Employees Productivity

by Philip P

From as long as businesses have existed in the modern world, managers and business owners have been involved with increasing productivity and boosting efficiency of their employees. There have been many experiments and methods used for combating low productivity and motivation, but as times change, so does the approach to managing unproductive workers and employees.

Below are five methods for boosting office productivity that are guaranteed to give our team that extra push in the right direction:

Find a stimulating work environment

The environment your employees work in is an extremely important factor when it comes to their overall mood which in turn affects productivity. Open work spaces are becoming more and more popular as they offer a dynamic workspace environment which encourages employees to walk around more, network, engage in teamwork, and even have fun in the office. Many modern companies and startups who have open space offices offer various amenities such as gyms, pool tables, video games, happy hours and more.

Always have a snacks

An office stoked up with healthy snacks and coffee which boost brain function and concentration of employees and surely have a positive impact on performance. Your team will be grateful that you are looking out for them and providing them with a supply of super foods. Knowing that their company cares for them is a major motivator for your team to give back more through the quality of their work.

Inspire your team’s passions

Millennials believe that having passions which are not in connection to career and success are key to being a more productive worker. On the contrary, the lack of creative expression and failing to have a good work-life balance is associated with unhappiness in employees. By encouraging your employees to pursue their passions, by giving them flexible working hours, for example, has been proven to lower work-related stress and increase the motivation of workers to give your organisation more than is expected of them.

Express your gratitude

Showing your employees that they are valued is by far the most important factor to boosting motivation and productivity. You can try by displaying your gratitude on a regular basis, for example by giving your team a day off to say thanks for all their hard work. Another idea for treating your employees is by giving them gift cards – you can try searching for the best deal on the web for stores which offer all sorts of gift cards to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Eat lunch together

Having professional distance is important in any organisation, but having the right balance between openness and distance is crucial to employee dynamics and motivation. Developing and maintaining good relations with your team is crucial for establishing good communication and keeping on top of all possible issues, giving you time to react as soon as a problem is present. Moreover, it will make implementing changes and protocols to your company much easier since you will know exactly what needs changing by getting genuine input from the whole team.

The productivity of your employees should not be hard to come by if you implement all of the above mentioned suggestions. It is important that you keep in mind that your employees are people which all have more or less the same emotional, social, and physical needs.

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