3 Careers You Can Do If You’re Unsatisfied at Work

3 Careers You Can Do If You’re Unsatisfied at Work

by Johnny S

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Most people probably don’t fully understand the truth of that statement, but it’s something you likely long for in your career.

Workplace dissatisfaction is not uncommon. Most people get frustrated with their job, co-workers, or boss at some point. However, if you find that most days are dissatisfying or you’re burnt out from your job, it’s probably time to make a change.

Why not pursue that dream of finding something you love?  Here are three great careers you might consider.


When people who love to work with their hands are chained to a desk all day, finding job satisfaction is very difficult. This is one of the biggest reasons for workplace burnout. Some people are simply meant to be outside, using their hands. If that’s you, try landscaping.

A career in landscaping encompasses many opportunities. You could be a landscape worker, making about $15 an hour to weed gardens, mow lawns, and install hardscaping. This is ideal if you want to be an employee with plenty of hands-on work and no managerial stress.

You could also be a landscape architect. This is a high-paying career in landscaping at an average of nearly $69,000 per year. Landscape architects design beautiful yards and work with a team of laborers to bring the plan to fruition. It’s a great combination of desk and hands-on work for those who like the hybrid approach.

You could also pursue a specialty field. For example, you could become a swimming pool contractor in New Jersey. You’ll be responsible for designing, digging, and installing in-ground swimming pools and hot tubs so that New Jersey residents find some relief from the bitter winters and sweltering summers of the region.


Conveyancing is part of the closing process for buying or selling a home. A conveyancer, often called a conveyancing solicitor, assists with the transfer of title, making sure that it’s done legally and removing the seller from all legal obligation.

Conveyancers spend a lot of time doing paperwork. They write and edit contracts for buyers and sellers to create airtight agreements for selling a home. They offer legal advice for the transfer of the home and make sure you’re meeting all legal obligations and abiding by all relevant laws.

You’ll do best as a conveyancer if you like solitary work. You’ll spend some time with clients, but most of your hours at work will involve drawing up legal documents and researching obligations. It’s also a great career for those who enjoy presenting a well-crafted, finished product to clients.

If you’re looking into this career, consider going overseas. There’s a high demand for conveyancers in Brisbane, so you could get to know the legal landscape there and enjoy a comfortable living of $68,000 or more.

Marketing Specialist

According to Payscale, marketing specialists are among the happiest employees in the nation. You can enter the field with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, although some companies will hire you if you have no such degree, but an extensive background in the field.

Marketing specialists help companies become more visible to their customers, through both traditional and digital mediums. They work with social media, advertisers, website design, email, and more.

The median salary for the career is $50,000, and people enjoy it for the freedom and creativity it affords them. If you’re a creative person and you feel that’s being squashed by a boring, paper-pushing job, this could be the perfect career for you to break free and finally adopt the job you love.

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