The Worst Advice People Have Ever Heard About Fitness

The Worst Advice People Have Ever Heard About Fitness

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Have you ever wondered why people make a lot of effort in fitness activities? If your goal is to lose weight, then there are set of workout activities that you need to do. On the other hand, people who are lifting weight and going through vigorous workouts for bodybuilding, have much to do. They equally need a supportive diet and legit supplements like those sold by However, fitness enthusiasts are at risk of getting wrong advice which can have adverse effects and derail their fitness efforts. Below is a list of some of the worst advice about fitness.

Muscles building is for men and toning if for women

This advice is tempting to buy. However, such norms will only make you lose your fitness objectives. Most fitness experts agree that both genders will look attractive when they attain a lean body. They also say that this comes with determined fitness training. So, if your desire is to get a sleek body, then you need to discuss this with a personal trainer who will plan various series of workouts to help you get a lean body irrespective of your gender. If you need to build muscles, then there is a program for that irrespective of sex.

The more you sweat, the more fat you are burning

Different people sweat differently when they are exposed to same activities and under similar conditions. Why? The body reactions differ with people. While sweating is a good sign that the body is burning fat, it does not necessarily mean the two activities are directly proportional. The best way to estimate the amount of fat one is burning is by the use of calorie track software and application during the workouts. If you are not sure about the conversions, then refer from the web or consult a fitness expert.

You can substitute protein meals with protein bars

In fact, this bad advice has misled most people and they ended up failing to achieve their bodybuilding goals. The best diet plan should come from a qualified nutritionist. You will be surprised that none will offer such an advice. Protein bars will have lesser benefits alone since they are highly processed. They can never be equated with the normal protein foods like beef, poultry, legumes, and dairy to be a substitute for them.

You need light weight lifting to increases muscle definition

If you are a starter in muscle building without much information, then you may believe this lie. However, the truth is that no matter how much effort you put, light weight lifting will not have you grow the muscles. This activity will only help in burning the calories in the body. The experts usually advise the use of heavy weights for the muscles to grow. The secret is in the amount of weight you lift and not in the repetitions you make.

Yoga will get you ripped

This is a big deception and people should not buy it. If you have met a yogi with six pack then they lift heavy weights secretly no matter how they may deny it. Yoga is known for stretching the muscles and burning calories rather than making them grow.

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