Quick Checklist To Follow Before Using Lifting Equipment

Quick Checklist To Follow Before Using Lifting Equipment

by Bryan L

Lifting industry is a delicate place for work and thus it is quite important to follow few necessary instructions that can drive safe results by checking over any potential problems, defects or similar safety issues. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to make sure that all the workers will remain safe along with the site and the lifting gear products that have been used.

Some general precautionary measures are very common which most of the industry people might be aware of. But, the technical features related to a specific device may not be common to you.

Let’s shower some light on a sorted checklist that must be a part of every lifting industry workplace.

General Checklist

  • Check all the moving parts to make sure if they are running smoothly.
  • Verify if any loose parts are there.
  • All bolts must be tight.
  • All the fixings must be kept secure.
  • Electrical connections should be safe enough.
  • Runway areas must be clean and clear from all debris.
  • It is important to ensure if all the marking of safe working load are readable or not.
  • You must check if the lifting shackles, hooks and other shackle points underwent bent pins or cracks.
  • Operate all levers & handles correctly.

Advanced Checklist

  • Check jaws on clamps for any wear and distortions.
  • Safety catches must be available and function properly.
  • It is good if all end strops are available, and with no damage.
  • Any kinks, breaks and general wear of wire rope needs to be examined.
  • Check if web slings underwent any cut, damage, fraying or chemical attack.
  • Attachment points should be kept away from any cracks or wear.
  • Proper inspection is necessary before, after and during the time any lifting operation is performed.
  • All chain guides should work correctly.
  • All frameworks must look for any cracked welds and distortions.


Safety of lifting gear is a crucial aspect to follow when you are involved with different lifting operations for the safe results. It is a very common fact that every machinery needs special attention to grab the desired results. In the absence of proper maintenance and negligence of safety factors can cause drastic impacts. The above list is a small effort to make people aware of some important checklist which they must follow to remain safe.

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Author is a trained Bishop staff and a skilled writer who loves writing articles and blogs related to the safe use of lifting gear products in order to help readers be secure and away from any injury at their workplace.

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