Planning For Best Steroid Cycle – Important Things To Remember

Planning For Best Steroid Cycle – Important Things To Remember

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Steroid cycle planning is an important aspect of anyone taking steroids. Before planning for the cycle, it is important to understand the purpose of taking these steroids. They are essentially used by athletes to either improve the body mass and strength, attaining a leaner and muscular physique and for better performance.

To this extent, the steroid cycle planning is the must. Some of the important points to consider while doing this are listed below:

  • Safety

First and foremost consideration while starting anabolic steroids cycle planning is your safety. Remember always to use them for therapeutic purpose and not start abusing them ever.

Taken with the precision they can be quite useful, but any carelessness like excessive usage, random intake, avoiding side effects, etc. can prove quite dangerous for the body and health. Steroid intake cycles should be planned properly as per your body needs.

  • Wrong usage at premature age

It is a common misconception among teenagers, who use steroids, as it is good for quick body building. Never take steroids before the age of 25.Till this age, the male body undergoes a lot of natural hormonal changes and intake of these steroids could lead to disruption of the natural growth leading to a lot of side effects including restricted growth, hair loss, water retention and other such problems.

Always remember that anabolic steroids are not the easy replacement of diet and exercise to attain proper and fit body. Plan your steroid cycles only after the age of 25 and at a time when you are quite used to weight lifting and have gained some muscle strength already.

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  • Always keep short cycles

It is always advised to keep short steroid cycles preferably of 2-3 weeks at max 4 weeks. There are scientific reasons for why one should keep the steroid cycle short.

Long steroid cycles can cause a host of side effects and problems, which are harmful to the body. Taking steroids for longer period affects the lipid profiles of the body, thereby increasing the risk of heart diseases.

Also, the increased steroid cycles affect the natural hormone productions in the body like follicle stimulating hormone and testosterones. It affects the libido, lead to low muscle mass and other fatal health diseases such as stroke, various types of cancers and heart attack.

  • Choose small and effective dose

Never start the steroid cycle with high dosage in the beginning. You might not know how your body will respond to these steroids. Higher dosage can also lead to side effects with no effective results.

  • Keep the number less at one time

It is advisable not to take more than two anabolic steroids in a cycle. Taking more number of these steroids increases extra stress on your organs and there are chances of higher side effects.

Steroid cycle planning can be very stressful for beginners. Start with answering the basic questions like why do you want steroids and then do the cycle planning for desired results.

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