How to Keep Your Sales Team From Burning Out

How to Keep Your Sales Team From Burning Out

by Shae H

It happens all the time. Your top sales rep on your team was a real go-getter and leader of the team. His enthusiasm for the job was inspirational to the team and you. However, the tide has turned. Your once highly enthusiastic sales team leader seems to lack drive or energy. This feeling is trickling down to other members of the sales team. You’re scratching your head in bewilderment at the sudden work-related burnout. Perhaps, if you were appealing to their nobler motives instead of hustling more sales for money, that would get the old drive going again.

What Causes Burnout

First, it is important to understand that burnout happens to the best of employees. Whether you are an account manager for a Walstreet investment bank or a door-to-door independent distributor selling for Mary Kay or doTERRA, burnout is a response to an overwhelming situation. Often, this takes a toll on the individual emotionally and physically. There are several factors on the sales team that might lead to burnout of individuals or the entire crew. Some of the stressors might include a high workload or too demanding job. Other stressors include not understanding their role in the sales team, lack of training, lack of support, lack of control, feeling unappreciated.

How To Prevent Burnout

Burnout spreads quickly through a sales team and could lead to total destruction of profits in a very short time. Prevent burnout by following a few rules.


Set realistic goals for your sales team. Don’t aim too high or too low.

Define Roles

Make sure that every member of the sales team understands their role in the organization.


Set your team up for success by making sure that each member receives all the necessary training to take on their role as part of the sales team.

Offer Leader Support

Team managers should listen to sales team members and offer their advice.

Team Support

Make sure that every member of the team supports the other members of the team.


Let your team know that you fully appreciate their work by rewarding them with special treats, a company dinner, promotions, or even certificates of achievement. To step this reward system up higher, research intrinsic motivation.

Team Spirit

Build team spirit by socializing with members of the team. Plan social events together. Start a baseball team. Go on company trips together.


Don’t leave your team in the dark about their sales performance. Offer direct feedback about their sales performance appealing to their nobler motives.

Your sales force is the lifeblood of your company. Keeping them energized and motivated is central to your growth strategy. Don’t let burnout happen to you.

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