Grow Your Financial Portfolio by Investing In Fixed-Income Properties

Grow Your Financial Portfolio by Investing In Fixed-Income Properties

by Sofia L

Currently, the buy-to-let market is the market to focus on when investing in fixed-income properties. In fact, according to the latest market analysis in the UK, housing prices are rising at an accelerated rate. As a result, this is a good time to invest in the UK property market. In addition, the average rent cost is increasing as the demand continues to rise in the country for leased properties.

An Assured Rental Period

Many of these kinds of property investments feature a rental period that is assured. Also, these opportunities highlight buy-back options as well. In addition, residential buy-to-let properties can be resold, if needed, on the open market.

Why Now Is a Good Time to Invest

Whilst buy-to-let has come under the cosh due to a tax crackdown, many investors still see this type of property as an attractive investment choice, especially during a time of volatile stocks and reduced interest rates. However, you also have to make sure that you follow the right protocol when owning this type of investment. Fortunately, record low mortgage rates are allowing buy-to-let investors to stack up deals in the marketplace.

Right now, a greater demand from tenants and a lengthy horizon for rises in interest mean that many buy-to-let investors are being drawn into the market. If you have more faith in brick-and-mortar investments than stock-and-share arrangements, then you need to make further enquiry. For instance, API Global is a brokerage for off plan property for sale.

Making an Investment Move

So, you can buy a fixed-income property or buy-to-let real estate as a landlord at a lower price. The idea is to secure better financing terms as an early adopter of the property. Whilst there are definite risks, those risks are offset by the current economic climate.

When you partner with the right brokerage firm, then you are assured of a diverse array of exciting real estate investment schemes, all of which are normally in collaboration with a premier development company. This type of opportunity permits investors in the UK and from overseas to take advantage of prime investment opportunities in major UK cities.

So, align yourself with a brokerage and developer who are both experienced in this type of real estate investment. By doing so, you will realise the highest levels in returns that will continuously increase in worth whilst providing some of the best yields in the industry.

An Attractive Potential for Capital Growth

For example, you may want to choose a building investment that features a mixed use scheme. This type of development, for instance, features stylish studios and one-bedroom apartment homes and is currently listed at 15% below the market value. Investors can be assured of an 8% net per annum for a three-year period. Mixed use schemes offer early investor discounts and an attractive potential for capital growth as well.

A Better Return on Investment

Time is of the essence, especially when investing in these types of properties now. Therefore, make sure that your financial portfolio is well-diversified. By using this approach, you are assured of a better, if not more reliable, return on investment.

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