Automation and The Impact It Has On Business Operations

Automation and The Impact It Has On Business Operations

by Shae H

Technology has come to solve most of the problems that affect us. Businesses are using it to do things that human cannot do with more precision and twice the rate. Technology advancements have been criticized since some people think that machines and robots are replacing humans in businesses. But is this really the case? Let us find out.

It is inevitable

Automation is not only a key aspect that will shape the way businesses look, but it will define human experience over the next century. Technology and automation are married, and they are improving the quality of lives, simplifying business processes, and accelerating project deliveries, improving customer experience and generally redefining service delivery in business. We have actually even become dependent on technology and automation in our day to day lives in such a way that if the automation processes failed the whole business would grind to a halt.

General application

Take for instance the healthcare industry where the quality of service delivery, financial records and to some extent human life depends on the efficiency of processes. For processes to be efficient, they have to be automated. Software bridges the gap and automates the billing systems hence improving the quality of services customers receive. It also reduces costly human errors and reduces the service time by almost half. Although Checkpoint EHR has been widely used in behavioral health practice, it can be scaled up to be applied in other industries with the same quality achieved.

Automation and The Impact It Has On Business Operations


Although most people would choose to fear automation since it has the potential to replace their jobs, it actually presents opportunities for the organization. An organization using automation software programs like Logojoy or Checkpoint EHR can scale its services up hence increase profit margins and signing more clients. The automation technology can handle more volumes of work, not fatigue, no errors, and generally no human factors. Businesses have an opportunity to grow into multinational corporations. If your business is in manufacturing and processing, you can use automated production line to mass produce. You will be able to place more products on the shelves hence matching demand with supply.


Automation is not going away anytime soon, and the effects it has on businesses are here to stay. In fact, this field is at its infancy level with more complex and sophisticated processes expected in the future. The effects it brings are helpful and necessary if businesses are to improve service delivery and increase profit margins. We cannot afford to fight that which is investable; we can only accept it.


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