A Guide To Developing Great Teaching Skills

A Guide To Developing Great Teaching Skills

by Jacqueline S

Teaching is a noble profession and it is to the credit of teachers a nation grows out to be thinkers, scientists, bankers, businessmen and what not. Your teachers do not necessarily have to be those who teach in a classroom instead they could be your mentors as well.

For the sake of this piece, we will limit ourselves to the teaching carried out in classrooms. We have read a lot about how students can be made to fall in love with studies. Have you ever wondered if your teachers needed a nudge? Teachers hone their teaching skills with experience but those who are seeking to start out as a teacher, remember to take note of the following points:


Teachers today, should they be anything, they should be adaptable. This age is a digital age and the world is changing by every passing minute. Technology, in particular, has rendered the traditional teaching habits as outdated, so the teachers should adapt to new technologies because alterations to learning outcomes and benchmarks are constantly happening.

So if the teacher is without the skill to adapt, the sync with modern education may be lost. Therefore, in order to stand toe-to-toe with the student’s learning behaviors or how to plan and impart lessons, adaptability is one feature that a teacher must have.


Confidence is key. If you are confident you can take up challenges and navigate past curve balls life throws at you. Similarly, for any profession (not only teaching), it is imperative that you exude confidence because that is how you are going to control the classroom.

If you are not confident in yourself that you can handle the responsibility of teaching a class or in what you are teaching, the students will take you for granted. For them. It will be joyride to play you for a fool. So, be well-versed in whatever lesson you are to impart in your session and the best way to go about it is to do some research/ thorough homework. Rehearse and then come to class to deliver a lecture.

A teacher’s role is not just limited to teaching the curriculum contents but it is also to command influence in class. You can be a role model for the students and can impact their lives with your example which will make them a better person. But you will have to be confident if you are to achieve that.


Communication is another important skill that a teacher ought to exhibit. It is because you will be excessively involved in interacting with students, clarifying their concerns/concepts, talking with the management, negotiating, and conversing with parents of the students on their educational progress.

Thus, to be good in getting your point across to the other party, you must have good communication skills because a lot rests on what you have to say. Make sure there is clarity in your speech, avoid the use of jargons that might confuse the listener and stay to the point.

Team Player

To be able to work in a team and be a team player is a trick few of have mastered because it is difficult to not let your prejudice get in the way. For a teacher, you should be able to perform well in a team environment, meaning with other teachers/colleagues or when collaborating with students on projects (even if in a virtual setting).

This is a much-needed skill. This speaks volumes about your personality. It tells that you get along with others well and when working alongside you there are slim to none chances of conflict. People like to work with someone who let things flow seamlessly in a group. The end result is not an individual’s effort but everyone shares the credit.

Continuous Learner

For a teacher learning should be a lifelong experience and not just the specialization he’s teaching or the subject he has mastered should put a full stop on his learning curve. As also stated earlier, the world is being shaped continuously by a number of different factors and to think that you have mastered everything there is to learn, then you are gravely mistaken.

No one can claim that no! Not even teachers. Those who go an extra mile to seek education usually comes out on top and that is the kind of teachers the world need; active and efficacious.


Teaching cannot be learned in school, it is basically observing by learning. So, for a teacher to be both successful and effective in doing his job, it is imperative that he is imaginative. By imaginative, I mean, creative.

He should have the ability to improvise and think out of the box. A teacher is akin to a manager in an organization if he fears that an outcome can go south because a certain critical factor was overlooked or an important detail in a project was omitted by the employee, he uses his imagination to save the day.

It may be by buying additional time when the deadlines couldn’t be met or exercising controls to bring back the project on track, a quick chat with his employees or even to an extent that he allows for the partial work to be submitted under the pretext of showing the progress as to where they stand in its completion.

Likewise, teachers are also expected to exhibit such skill. In the time of crises, how to make amends/rectify matters or just by experimenting with different techniques to make learning a fun experience for students such as employing educational apps/electronic devices for teaching.


Above are some skills that if you have it in you, you are bound to become the highlight of your teaching career. These skills cannot be purchased in a marketplace nor is there a magic pill to transform you into a teaching guru. What is required of you is your continued thirst for excellence in the field of teaching. With time you will be able to inculcate these habits in yourself. There is not shortcut but at least you know now, what is required of you.

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