8 Content Creation Tools To Take You From Good To The Best

8 Content Creation Tools To Take You From Good To The Best

by Jodie S

Generating engaging content that appeals to your audience and brings in new people to your site, is not an easy task. Yes, you could have a vast pool of ideas for your content, but you need to ensure that you can communicate your thoughts with ease, to your target audience. It calls for the use of proper grammar, regular content updates, posting original content, among many others.

With new and improved advances in the field of technology, new tools are being created to help make your content creation easy. There are also services that are there to make your work easy, e.g., proofreading service. In this article, we will touch on the tools that will make your life as a content creator, a breeze.

1. Ideaflip

If you are a blogger, then, you understand the importance of updating your posts regularly. The audience needs to have fresh content to look at on a regular basis. However, it is not uncommon to run out of ideas on what to base your articles.

Using the Ideaflip tool you can brainstorm on a simple or various ideas that you have as you build on it. It has an interactive and visual environment that helps you to manage, write and develop your thoughts.

2. Evernote

Ideas come at the most unlikely moments. You could be having a cup of coffee with friends, and a great idea for your next article pops up. Instead of rummaging through your bag for a journal, you can use the Evernote tool to records ideas.

It is a useful note-taking and organizational tool that allows you to store your thoughts and sources using any device. You can categorize them and reference the tags later.

3. StackEdit

This tool is an effective editor that allows its users to copy text from google docs, WordPress, etc. while not changing its format. You can also use it to convert your text into HTML format. It also supports different languages that you can sync with your Google Drive and even Dropbox.

As you look for the best proofreading service, use this tool to post your blog articles in a markdown format.

4. Word Counter

You may need to write your articles using a specified number of words. In this regard, it is impossible to count the words used as or even after writing. If you haven’t noticed sometimes, different tools give you different numbers of the words used in a particular article.

Using the Word Counter tool, it will keep you from using more words than what is required in the specifications.

5. Google Trends

One of the ways that a blogger gets more people to visit their site is having relevant and up to date articles. You could use this tool to find out any trending topics in your area of interest and write down an article on it. It is also useful when you are stuck of ideas and have no clue on what to write.

The trending tools will give you push forward on where to start brainstorming for ideas.

6. Grammarly

For your content to be engaging, then, you have to be able to communicate effectively with your readers. The Grammarly tool provides users with online proofreading service. It checks your usage of grammar and gives you recommendations on how to change any errors made.

Using their Premium service, you can also use this tool as a plagiarism detector.

7. CoSchedule

This tool has various applications. You can use it to analyze the score of the headlines that you are going to use on your articles. Your choice of headline determines how many people will click past your headline with the intention of reading the content.

If you want to share excerpts of your content on various social media platforms, you can use this tool to convert your post into a tweetable paragraph.

8. MemeGenerator

Social media is a useful platform to generate more traffic to your content. All platforms are pretty visual, and thus you may need to use memes to generate traffic. This tool will provide you with access to templates of memes to use, or you can create your own from scratch.


Content creation becomes easier when you have access to the proper tools. Instead of wondering about the next article, use the right tools to get you started and become better than you were before, in content creation.

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