5 Ways To Build A Power Brand

5 Ways To Build A Power Brand

by Shae H

Building a brand is more than creating a company name and throwing your products out there; power brands have recognition and respect within their target audience, which is an intangible, but invaluable, asset, for any business.

Differentiate Your Brand

If you decide to start a line of handbags, you may take inspiration from others, such as the quality of Coach’s hardware, but women should be able to spot your purse instantly from a crowded display rack. To differentiate your brand, you may decide to predominately display your own custom logo, which you should trademark. This is the only way to prevent others from stealing your hard work as they attempt to copy your success.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Everyone from your website designer to your employees should understand your brand image. Make your employees brand ambassadors by giving them one of your products to use in public, however, you will need to ensure that they understand how to represent your brand image and values.

Don’t Dilute Your Brand

Be selective with your retailers, power brands are not found in the bargain big at Walmart. It is tempting to sell to anyone for wants to buy, especially when you are just starting out, nevertheless, hold out. If you do not value your product, no one else will either.

Additionally, you will want to stick with your one primary brand image, trying to be all things to all people dilutes your brand as well.

Power Brands Are Promoted By Their Fans

Some power brands, like Nike, advertise a great deal, while others let their fans speak for them. If you are selling purses, or a fashion or beauty product aimed at female consumers, look for online influencers who will review your product and tell their followers about it in their own words.

For brands that allow users to express their personality, solicit user-generated content, offing discounts for images of your customers wearing or using your product.

Build Your Power Brand through Videos

Videos allow you to humanize your brand and show consumers what makes your products unique. A behind the scenes glimpse at your manufacturing process can showcase the quality and attention to detail that make your brand stand out from the competition.

You will know when you have achieved power brand status when consumers can spot your branded products in a large department store immediately, not even noticing the other items in the same category.






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