5 Unexpected Ways To Boost Employee Productivity

5 Unexpected Ways To Boost Employee Productivity

by nik

For as long as businesses have existed, people have been interested in boosting productivity and maximizing efficiency. We’ve tried everything from whips to variations in lighting, but it’s beginning to look like the time is ripe for a more creative approach to hacking management.

Here are five unlikely methods to boost office productivity that are bound to give your team an added push to excel:

1. Find a Dynamic Space

Coworking developers like Common Desk appeal to businesses looking for an office rental that encourages greater productivity. Their primary selling point is a dynamic workplace environment designed to encourage its members to network, operate at their own pace, and spend time on self-care –in short, humanize the work day.

The coworking office rental format boasts results, with members of and other firms attesting to highly professional environments, as well as greater motivation as a result of access to amenities like on-site gyms and weekend mixers.

2. Stock up on Snacks

A pantry full of healthy, brain-boosting snacks can have a positive impact on office performance. It can improve productivity among certain types of employees –all without being too big of a budgetary strain.

Moreover, keeping your office stocked with snacks can send a strong signal to your team that their management is looking out for them. Nothing says, “You matter to us,” like a steady supply of food.

3. Encourage Your Employees’ Passions

If there’s one thing we can learn from millennials, it’s this: having priorities apart from career success can make you a more effective worker. Conversely, a lack of creative freedom and failure to maintain a good balance between the professional life and the personal life have been attributed to declining happiness among older workers, whose priorities understandably differ.

Encouraging employees to foster their passions can lead to a reduction in work-related stress, increasing their overall motivation and willingness to go the extra mile.

4. Show Some Gratitude

Letting your employees know they’re valued was mentioned earlier, but it deserves some further elaboration. After all, nothing kills productivity faster than feeling like a corporate peon.

Semi-frequent displays of gratitude can go a long way towards boosting motivation, building a team dynamic, and sustaining employee satisfaction. It’s the shared sentiment that counts, so avoid making the whole affair a competition or a zero-sum game.

For starters, give them a day off or allow them to work out of an office for rent like https://thecommondesk.com/.

5. Join them for Lunch

Professional distance is important, but so is the right amount of openness between the workforce and management.

Keeping pleasant ties with your employees can prevent communications from breaking down at key points and encourage your team to inform you as soon as any points for concern arise. Moreover, it makes for an easier time in implementing new protocols and directives, since they come from a genuine place of concern for office performance rather than some vague whim of the “higher-ups.”

Employee productivity isn’t some abstract concept or nebulous science to ponder and unravel. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with people who have social, emotional, and physical needs, and you’ll find you have a much easier time getting everyone on board.

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