5 Ideal Ways To Boost Your Business With Email Marketing

5 Ideal Ways To Boost Your Business With Email Marketing

by Mike W

If your business could do with a sales boost, don’t make the mistake of thinking that email marketing is a lost cause, as it can be a very effective method to improve sales. Creating a good marketing email campaign is all about design and content, and if you have not considered email marketing, here are a few ways it can help your company.

  1. Create a Stylish Email Signature – There are trusted online resources to help you create a professional email signature, and there are many templates to help with this. Of course, you want to try and personalise the content, so always begin with, “Dear (recipient’s name)”, as this shows a level of personalisation, which people generally warm to. You can incorporate your business logo and colours, making it something to enhance your company’s reputation.
  1. Links – Of course, links are essential, and in your marketing email, the best location for a link to your website would be in the email signature. This offers the recipient an opportunity to go straight to your website, and by using the right font and colours, it should help to drive people to your site. The wording should be suitable, and you might want to track your site hits after you begin using email marketing, which should tell you where your clicks are coming from.
  1. Social Media Buttons – Social media is a very effective and important side to any online business, and one excellent way to increase traffic is to add relevant social media buttons in the email signature. The location of such clickable icons is important, and by including them in your email signature, you have the perfect place that is likely to lead to a site visit. Social Media Marketing (SMM) can deliver excellent results, and for those who would like to know more, there is an informative read on the Forbes website that discuss the importance of SMM.
  1. The Right Content – Obviously, the main body of the email needs to be engaging, and in your email signature, the following can be included:
  • Name
  • Position
  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • Company Logo or Headshot
  • Link to Website
  • Social Media Icons
  1. Colour and Banner Images – These are also important, and without using too much colour, you can create something that will be noticed. Colours would ideally be in line with the company colours, and make sure you use a standard font, as they are easy to read. If you would really like a professional opinion, talk to a digital marketing expert about email signatures, and they will be able to give you an honest assessment, and also suggest any improvements.

With so much competition out there, you need to use all the tools at your disposal, and with a dynamic email marketing campaign, you might be surprised at just how much traffic it brings. As there are a lot of resources online, creating a professional email signature is the ideal addition to any email, especially if it is connected with marketing.

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