5 Features Of The Best Time Keeping Software

5 Features Of The Best Time Keeping Software

by Dessie H

Time keeping software is been categorized as a type of computer software that keeps the accurate record of time. This software is commonly used amongst workers and customers that keep the record of time; some of them are employers, employees, professionals, freelancers, mostly hourly workers, many business organizations, industries, and much more. Additionally, many positives result and testimonies have come into place through using time keeping software; this has increased productivity in the long run. With all these suitable advantages, every individual that has been using, or needs to start using the time keeping software needs to know the features of the best time keeping software.

1-    Intelligent Report

The best time keeping software works smartly as it offers you more profitability with real-time insights on every aspect of your company or business organization. This device has an in-built reporting system that aids in customizing your analytics or even creates your own personal reports.

Highly intelligent, as it also helps you note the employee absence when they clock in or clock out. You will either get a text or an email for this notification, time card software is also very sensitive and insightful as it can track miles; while traveling, the system will even make calculations of the fuel consumption rate.

2-    Active Dashboard

With this feature, the time keeping software gets everything you need to access at a convenient spot. Everything you need comes in functionality with Clock In/Out as you simply click on the interface, Alerts for notifications, Payroll, Time Recording, Scheduling, and much more with ease.

All these functionalities through easy accessibility come with the usage of software IP and device restrictions, GPS, Biometric Options (finger print), fast and easy click and so on through the PCs, Phones or any device you are using.

3-    Time Tracking

This software also has another outstanding feature that captures every period in time and that is what we called time tracking. The time keeping software helps you as you spend less time with tracking to earn more time for billing. You can now track both the hours worked and billing hours accurately. With the time tracking feature, you can also see how long your employee has been on the clock without any doubt on the web base.

4-    PTO (Paid Time Off)

The best time keeping software would be incomplete without an active PTO system. This offers a guard on the software clock; the limit can be set for the period of time the employee is clocking in and clocking out; you can also set alert for their shift scheduling for the day.

5-    User Management

The software is user-friendly with a number of significant features that it provides. There is an allowance to create groups and to also add users. Using this function will help you get reports distinctively from their separate departments as assigned by the supervisor to each group. Additionally, this management feature has the capability to manage the company’s payroll.

Enjoy all these features and more as you start up the usage of your own time keeping software!

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