4 Ways To Save On Office Expenses

4 Ways To Save On Office Expenses

by nik

Every business has one main goal: to generate revenue.

Most businesses succeed with earning money, but many are not able to minimize their expenses, which makes for less profit when all is said and done.

Cutting costs is an integral part of maintaining a profitable business, but it doesn’t have to be as drastic as laying off employees or taking basic amenities away from your team.

Collaborating with companies like JJBender.com can actually provide yours with cost-efficient ways of office automation.

Here are six ways to save on office expenses:

Invest In The Cloud

With the rise of computer and smartphone users all over the world, data has made its home in the cloud, a data storage model that keeps your files accessible wherever and whenever you are.

Moving your company’s data over to a secure and reliable cloud storage is a good way to not only declutter your office but also save costs on physical storage. According to a poll from TechTarget, more than 50% of companies use cloud services.

Find Great Deals On Equipment

Equipment is a huge fixed cost in every business, which is why many companies try to milk the equipment they invested in for every penny it’s worth. However, if the equipment that you’re using is already taking a turn for the worse, it’s not the end of the world just yet!

If you invest in a new printer, for example, you can save up to 50 to 70% by looking for used options at your local appliance store.

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Consider Natural Light

Electricity is a huge source of costs for every business, but it’s also a cost that we can’t live without. However, there are easy ways to conserve energy, such as using natural light.

By opening the blinds or investing in clear windows, you will not only save up on costs, but you will also positively impact the performance of your employees. Russell Foster, a neuroscientist at Oxford University shared his findings on the benefits of exposure to sunlight in 2013.

Be Mindful Of Your Power Use

If the above tip still doesn’t cut it, you can also consider creating signs that remind your employees to turn off their equipment when they leave the office and to turn the lights off whenever they vacate a room.

Turning photocopiers and printers from standby to off can save enough energy to power an LCD TV and a refrigerator at the same time, according to a study from the University of Cambridge.

In the same study, researchers also shared that leaving a photocopier on standby overnight releases as much greenhouse gas as driving from Cambridge to Paris and back. Who knew!

If you’re looking to cut your electrical costs, turning your devices off every night is definitely a good–and easy– a place to start.  

These are only a few ways to lower your office expenses. There are so many other things you can do, but the tips above are a great way to start.

By lowering your expenses, there will surely be more profit for your business to enjoy!

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