3 Workplace Health and Safety Rules To Live By

3 Workplace Health and Safety Rules To Live By

by nik

Workplace health and safety isn’t something to take any chances with. Every year billions of dollars are lost due to incidents in the workplace that could have been avoided, making these incidents a major source of lost revenue for business organisations around the world.

However, workplace health and safety isn’t only about business revenue, it’s also about people, their lives and livelihoods, their ability to work and their right to work in a safe and secure work environment. Here are three important workplace health and safety rules to live by.

  • Invest in Safety Products

Depending on the workplace and the work carried out there, there are a number of safety products for business organisations to invest in. An affordable fire cabinet with Sepmar is an excellent investment for all business organisations that have flammable materials on their premises, as these safety products are designed to comply with the rigorous government standards for flammable materials. A fire cabinet can be used to store a wide variety of flammable objects and there are also specially designed cabinets for corrosive materials as well.

In addition to specially designed cabinets, safety products that are essential in the workplace include personal protection equipment (PPE). Examples of PPE include goggles, gloves, helmets, visors and other protective clothing.

  • Follow Workplace Health and Safety Rules

It’s imperative that everyone in the workplace, including management and visitors, follow the specific workplace health and safety rules for that work environment. This means management needs to purchase signage and invest in training for their employees. These are essential investments that deliver excellent benefits, which means they deliver outstanding ROI.

  • Always Report Incidents and Breaches

When an incident in the workplace occurs, it must be reported if it’s serious or registered in the incident book if it’s minor. Recordkeeping is very important where workplace health and safety is concerned as it enables a business organisation’s WHS records to be evaluated and improvements made. Improving workplace health and safety should be the aim of all business organisations.

Additionally, it’s also essential to report any breaches of health and safety legislation in the workplace. It’s unfortunate, but many employers flout WHS laws to save money and many employees flout these laws to save time in the workplace.

Whatever the reason or whoever’s at fault, all breaches of workplace health and safety regulation should be reported. Employees can report breaches to their supervisor or manager, or if it’s one of their superiors who’s responsible for the breach, they can report it to an external body.

In conclusion, workplace health and safety can be improved for the benefit of all by living by these three important rules. Investing in safety products provides businesses and their employees with the means to stay safe in the workplace, following workplace health and safety rules minimises the risk of incidents, and reporting incidents and breaches means that the required actions can be taken. Stay safe at work by following these three inherently important workplace health and safety rules.

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