Selection Process

Selection Process

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For the removing reviews from Google team, it is important that they can learn how to acquire the best team for the job at hand and they are able to do this with the selection process, which is the job of the human resources management in the company.

When it comes to knowing what the job description is for the removing reviews from Google team, the applicant would have to know basic SEO rules and how it is applied and as well as knowing what online reputation management is and how it is done. You have to be someone who is enthusiastic enough to be able to work as a team and not afraid to converse with your colleagues in order to ask question or learn something new.

The first step in the selection process involves criteria, which involves knowing what the job description is and you must be present in the job description. The second step of the selection process is testing. Testing must be valid and reliable and the different types of testing includes cognitive tests, motor abilities, personality tests, physical tests, substance and abuse tests and as well as polygraphs. When it comes to substance abuse tests, polygraphs and physical tests, these sorts of testing can only have at the sixth step in the selection process which is after a written offer of employment has been written and not at the screening stage. Cognitive tests involve your IQ and EI (emotional intelligence) and problem solving. Motor tests such as Crawford and other dexterity tests, personality tests such as the TAT tests, which include two types, the inkblot test and scenario. The physical tests must be bona fide occupational requirements. Step three of the selection process is the interviews and there are 10 best practices to a successful interview.

Knowing about the selection process is something that can save a startup company or small company like the removing reviews from Google since they will be able to follow the law and not break it by knowing exactly what they are doing.

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