Power Transformers Manufacturing Experts Explain Use Of Power Transformers

Power Transformers Manufacturing Experts Explain Use Of Power Transformers

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Power electrical transformer is a static machine that is used for transforming power from one circuit to another without making any change to frequency. Why electrical power transformers manufacturers call it a static device? Since the engineers do not use any rotary part or component in a transformer, this is considered as static device. The devices perform on AC supply.

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The electrical power generation in low voltage level is very cost effective. This low voltage power if transmitted leads to greater line current, which ultimately results in line losses. In case of increased power, the power current is reduced that causes reduction in ohmic or I²R losses in the mechanism, reduction in capital cost of the system, and enhancement in voltage regulation of the mechanism. Due to these situations, it becomes necessary to step up the lower level power for efficient electrical power transmission.

The stepup transformers are used to step up the lower level power. As this high voltage power may not be transmitted to the consumers directly, experts suggest step down of the voltage level to the desired level at the retrieving point with the assistance of step down transformer. This is why electrical power transformers play significant role in power transmission process.

Manufacturers suggest two windings transformers for the region where high voltage and low voltage ratio is greater than 2. They also say that auto transformer is cost effective for the places where ration between high voltage and low voltage is less than 2. And they recommend use of single unit of three phase transformer in a three phase system instead of bank of three single phase transformers unit. However, it is difficult to transport a single three phase transformer unit. Moreover, you need to remove the entire unit from service if one of the phase windings breaks down.

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