Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Drug Testing

Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Drug Testing

by Dessie H

Drug Tests in Bulk can be beneficial to companies as they can easily assess their employees. However, sudden drug tests are considered to be invasive towards an individual’s basic rights. Here are some of the legal and ethical aspects of drug testing.

Legal Aspects of Drug Testing

A company has the right to conduct drug testing of its employees whenever deemed necessary. However, firing employees and denying applicants on the sole basis of drug abuse or alcoholism is prohibited by law.Drug Tests in Bulk can be a means of discriminating employees with physical and mental problems. As stated in the law, drug tests must not be judicious against handicapped people- people with physical and mental impairment including previous or current alcoholism and drug addiction. Hence, employees cannot be dismissed from work by the basis of alcoholism and drug addiction alone. So what can then protect companies? Companies can however take advantage in two ways as the law dictates. First, companies can fire or deny an employee’s application if the performance and work ethics of the individual has been affected and is supported by work history and proper documents. Second, if there is an obvious threat to other employees and customers, the company can take action on the employment of the individual involved. Another means by which a company can ensure a drug-free environment is by including drug policies in its contracts with employees. Moreover, companies can engage in campaigns discouraging excessive alcohol intake and drug abuse.

Ethical Aspects of Drug Testing

Drug Tests in Bulk are mainly opposed by citizens advocating for privacy and morality. Drug tests are believed to invade the privacy of the individuals.Companies argue that employees and applicants are given consents before undergoing a drug test. The employee or applicant can then refuse to engage in the process- which can put their employment and application to a halt and certain countries even consider this as an offense. Consequently, these employees or applicants would less likely to refuse as they would want to keep their employment or would want to pursue their application. In this situation, there really is no freedom in consenting to drug tests- fully invading the integrity of the body and the life of a person. In line with this, the morale of a person can be affected adversely. The individual may feel helpless under an institution that acts like it has gained full authority on his/her life.

Before undergoing into drug tests, individuals must first make sure that their rights are intact. Otherwise, companies believed to be taking advantage must be reported accordingly.

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