Interesting Australian Trends To Improve Your Next Corporate Event

Interesting Australian Trends To Improve Your Next Corporate Event

by Philip P

To plan a corporate event, it takes the right amount of focused effort and attention. You want to create a certain ambiance because this increases the chances that your guests will enjoy the event, and that reflects directly on your corporate image. When it comes to the planning aspect, you do not want to hesitate on any aspect of the planning.

Interesting Australian Trends To Improve Your Next Corporate Event

Location, Location, Location!

A lot of companies in Australia have taken to hunting for venues online because you have new technology with applications that let you filter based on price, city, capacity and other things. The location sets the mood for everything else. However, do not forget that your campaign needs attention in the stages of before, during and after your event. First, you want to show the purpose, but you also need to show the fun side of your event. To do this, some Australian companies have started revealing behind-the-scenes pictures to build hype for the event and get people talking. For example, you could post some mouth watering pictures of the food.

The Paperless Trend

In the digital age, we have continued to move closer to paperless events, but we’re not quite there. While we still need to print flyers and promotional materials, technology has made it possible that we can lower the amount of waste at these events. Many Australian business owners have taken advantage of paperless because it also lowers your printing expenses. What are some things that have switched to the digital?

  • Mobile Check-ins
  • Registration
  • Virtual Gift Bags
  • Social Media Promotions Cut down on the Amount of Paper Used

Getting your guests to participate in a paperless event does not have to be difficult, and you can event tell them that you are trying to save the environment to motivate them.

Interesting Australian Trends To Improve Your Next Corporate Event

RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification has been picking up steam because you can insert a small electronic device into the wristband, and this acts as an identifier that gives you excellent control over your event, and it provides you with analytics like never before. RFID wristband technology has already started being used at music festivals, large public events and in preventing ticket fraud. It even enhances your experience because you have a more cashless payment system. Both Australian corporations and event-goers have started to see the benefits, and they are taking advantage of its uses.

Attention to Health—A Growing Trend

One of the hottest trends in Australia today is the well-being and mindfulness trend. It has had a huge impact on some of the events in 2015, and the “Experiences Impact Survey” revealed that it is the busy lifestyle of many Australians that has created this need for unwinding. The survey found that about 48 percent or half of those who responded said that achieving a balance between their work life and fun was essential. In addition, 51 percent said that they wanted better well-being. At business events, you can improve the work to fun ratio by creating healthy options for food and creating a “Chill Zone.”

Video and Live Streaming

As technology has advanced, the trends have followed the technology. For example, video content has created new strengths, and you can install apps that allow you to broadcast the event. Periscope has quickly picked up momentum because of its ability to do live-streaming. As an event organizer, you can now broadcast the event to engage your audiences across the globe.

Interesting Australian Trends To Improve Your Next Corporate Event

While successful corporate event planning may not be the easiest, there are critical factors to pay attention to that will dictate your overall success. Focusing on these factors, you can plan a better event more easily, and with today’s technology, you can take advantage of the benefits that will help you to get the word out about your corporate event.

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