How To Monitor A Strategic Marketing Plan

How To Monitor A Strategic Marketing Plan

by Dessie H

Monitoring is the final step in any strategic marketing planning process. It’s the same approach like when you are embarking on an expedition you’ll find a signpost stating the development of your journey. Some questions might require answers like, is everything has been set or do specific goals have been targeted. Those might be tough but those are just ways to define aiming vision.

Reports on Marketing and Management Committee

The said committee is responsible to submit reports on the yearly operation plans to review progress. This could be assessed if they ensure that they are keeping the appropriate records (financial, the product and the market). These records will eventually address the needs of the overall business. Any information that will be monitored and reviewed should need to agree before completing the plan.

How To Monitor A Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Objectives of the Committee

  • It must be ensured that any activities related must be within the parameters of the approved strategic purposes.
  • There should have consistency in the related activities
  • There should have benefits for the public from the information collected, especially if the organization is a charity.
  • The internal and external changes must keep under review so that there would be an adjustment for the organizations to achieve their objectives.

Define the Effectiveness of Strategic Planning

The very first step in every strategic planning is determining who should be involved. It’s the Management Committee who will decide and they are the following:

  • People who implements the plan
  • People who will be affected
  • People who will monitor the implementation
  • People who contributes development
  • Stakeholders

How can the marketing will get there? This is a developing strategic plan. It is about taking to the future. And that’s what the organization wants. Whatever they have in the present would affect the next level of implementation. Try to achieve the objectives by creating of what is called the “roadmap”.

First stop is, of course, the objectives. If you are going to aim for it then the next stop would be the Resourcing. This is where the milking spot for the organization to survive. Then you go to approving of operational plans. Of course there is no closure if there are no consensual agreement of how to make things right. The last spot is ensuring that the implemented systems and structures are in place and would define who would be accountable for whom and for what.

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