How To Choose The Right Storage Array

How To Choose The Right Storage Array

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Storage arrays are catching on in the business world, but some companies have taken longer to implement this technology than others. This could lead to some problems as far as coordinating their use throughout a larger network of businesses. This doesn’t mean that this solution should be avoided. Instead, review the following tips for adding an HP storage array to your existing system.

Is an Array a Good Investment?

Be aware that this financial investment can provide financial and time returns. If you’ve been struggling with the slow nature of disk-based systems, then this storage management solution will provide almost instant improvement. Reduce the amount of time you are currently spending on many different storage tasks and provide employees with faster access to the files they need. You may also find that you are able to attract a better quality of employees if you can provide them with a workspace that is free of performance problems. You won’t need to have a deep understanding of hypervisors and server interactions if you’ve kept your HP storage solutions up-to-date.

What Features Does It Offer?

Some of the storage solutions available offer the enviable HP storage array, in addition to other features. As you research the various configurations that would benefit your business, be sure to calculate the use of built-in features. You may find that there are several performance boosters, such as a running quality of service monitor, that can lead to improvements across your business operations. You might find that some types of data storage will interfere with the interactions between input-output-intensive virtual machines and others. You could avoid many of these problems by choosing an HP storage array that has been designed to handle this type of situation.

Does It Offer Protection?

One of the primary goals of IT managers is to protect data. The very core of an IT system, small business or large corporation is found in the data. It includes financial transactions, personnel records, bills, taxes and supply information. The right HP storage solutions can manage backups, replication of critical data and organizational flexibility. Your approach to data protection will determine the best type of arrays for your business. If you have questions about this, it’s best to consult with a professional to get accurate information. After all, any unwanted access to your sensitive information could make the rest of your business vulnerable.

Will It Support Your System?

If you’re hoping to migrate to an array, you’ll need to consider whether the array can support the different types of workloads you might have. These might include email servers, web services, a database and perhaps several different applications. Before you make this switch, you’ll want to determine that the storage solution meets your existing needs without leading to drops in performance. You may also want to be sure that the storage solution will be able to scale up as your business experiences growth.

Confidence in Your Array

The key to understanding which HP storage array is best for your business is to be familiar with the performance requirements of your system, including your existing applications. There may be several alternatives, but as you become familiar with your system, your confidence is the right solution could be quite satisfying.

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