External and Internal Issues On HR

External and Internal Issues On HR

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There are many external and internal issues when it comes to a human resource manager and that is why it is important to always plan for these when it comes to any company such as the reputation management expert. When it comes to human resource managers, they need to take into consideration the internal and external factors which can influence the functional areas in HR. the functional areas in HR include things like planning which is the who, when and what, it is important to always plan short, medium and long term in organizations, the recruiting which is where to find productive workers, the selection which is to never hire your friends, the training aspect which involves proper training and not doing on the job training, the compensation part involves fairness for pay and equitable pay for genders performing the same job, incentives which is extra money and rewards for employees, benefits which include pensions, health and dental, the health and safety in an organization which includes the workers compensation, occupational health, and substance abuse issues, and finally the labor relations which include strikes, unions and collective agreements.

The external influences on human resource management would involve certain things such as the economic conditions which affect supply and demand, the labor market issues which would be to increase workforce diversity, technology which is available to every organizations and there is a wide variety, the government has certain laws when it comes to employer and employee relationships, globalization which includes the emergence of a single global market for products and as well as there being a huge environmental concern. When it comes to the internal influences on human resource management this includes the organizational culture which are the beliefs, core values and assumptions that are all shared in the organization, there is also the organizational climate which include the internal weather and how it can impact the organization and the employees, and finally the management practices have been changing and allowing more employees to have more control and employee empowerment than before.

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