Eco-Friendly Options for Dog Waste Containment – Some Useful Tips

Eco-Friendly Options for Dog Waste Containment – Some Useful Tips

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A dog park is a place where dogs enjoy the most. Many pet owners bring their dogs to the park, which helps them to socialize, play and have fun with other dogs. Hence, they love visiting these parks. However, it is very important to keep these parks well maintained, so that the pet owners and the neighborhood can appreciate its beauty.

Neighborhoods which allow dog parks also install dog waste station, so that the park is well maintained and clean. Pet owners who visit these parks and expected to use these dog waste stations, which will help keep the park clean for everybody.

In order to keep the dog park and the dog waste station well-maintained, it is important for the pet owners and also non-pet owners, who visit the park by themselves to keep things properly. Here are some tips that can be helpful to maintain these dog parks and dog waste stations. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Taking what you require –

Pet waste stations provide bags for the pet owners to clean up after the dog poops. You can use these bags to clean up your dog’s poop once it is done. You only require one or maximum two bags to clean the mess. In many pet waste stations, you are only allowed two bags at a time. It is advised to take only what is required. If you take more bags than necessary you are basically wasting them.

  • Keep a check –

Many people believe that it is not their responsibility to look after the dog waste stations if they are not using it, meaning if they do not have a pet. This is not true. As a citizen of the community, you are also equally responsible to keep the park clean and look for the maintenance of the dog waste station. If you notice that any of the pet waste stations are short of disposal bags, you should inform your community manager to attend to the problem. If any station needs servicing it should also be reported immediately.

  • Pet waste only –

There are some people, who do not respect the use and limitation of the dog waste stations. Some people use these dog waste stations as trash cans and dispose their own trash into the waste stations. As a responsible citizen of the community, it is your responsibility to make people understand that these waste stations are strictly for dog waste. If they do not respect the limitations of the waste stations, it will get filled up fast and will not be available for the actual use.

It is great that you are taking your dog for a nice walk in the park, but it is also important that you respect the cleanliness and maintenance of the park and make full use of the dog waste stations. If you need any more information please click here.

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