A Brief Look At The Exchange Office Plans In Office 365

A Brief Look At The Exchange Office Plans In Office 365

by Mike W

Since the inception of cloud office 365, Microsoft has gone from strength to strength with its Exchange online product. It has strived with deep research and the ever changing need of business class. Among the latest value added services that Microsoft added to its respectable office 365 is Exchange Online.

Exchange online is not a yet another feature in its cloud office 365 but is what sets it apart in the emerging hosting and mailbox services. Standalone exchange has left behind a huge follower of satisfied users since its success. Keeping in mind its success, Microsoft made it a point to reach out to its satisfied customers with online / cloud version of exchange online services. And it has successfully been able to retain its market share of satisfied users.

Benefits of Office 365 Exchange Online Plans

Office 365 Exchange online Plans has benefits over benefits that few can match apart from being another quality product of the house of Microsoft. If one look at the entire service spread of cloud office 365, it will be clear that Exchange online is a careful and well needed inclusion to the overall cloud office 365. Among the need for going cloud with Exchange services was majorly on security and the increase in size of data of any business unit. With business units hugely interconnected among peers and partners to deliver on time, the task of security threat increased manifold. Moreover real security does not come cheap and even so the cost to stealing of data can be even higher from a management perspective.  Hence Microsoft provides the best security certifications and credentials with its entire product line.

Some of the best features include:

  • Bigger Mailboxes- The sizes of Exchange online is much larger for your entire business needs
  • Management of Inbox- easy and user friendly tools for all your inbox management tools
  • Support for Outlook- Outlook is as easy to setup and manage as ever
  • Cheap- Salient feature of all Microsoft product is its low price in terms of services and support
  • Advantage of cloud- benefits of online support and services
  • Apps support- Provide app support for mobile users through app
  • Group – Help with groups for service support and tools
  • Easy Contacts and calendar- easy sharing and management of contact and calendar through cloud features.
  • Security- Better online security and protection with inbuilt firewall
  • Prevention of data loss- Greater prevention on online data loss due to online storage
  • Storage- Get unlimited storage with the help of hoisted cloud storage
  • Third party- These third party App helps in greater functioning of Exchange online with varied app available

A quick glance at the differences among other hosted exchange to Exchange online in cloud office 365

  • Larger mailbox size compared to any other hosted service provider
  • Free Blackberry support and compatibility
  • Medical HIPAA certified for greater business sense among its partners
  • Latest FISMA security certified and tools compatibility
  • Price- One of the best and cheapest annual price as compared to any hosted provider

A quick look in the above features and benefits in O365CloudExperts.com makes it a cause for no competition in mailbox hoisting. Exchange online can be bought as a single product offering or you can include them with a package with office 365 along with lync services and skype for business. Have a look at plans in O365CloudExperts.com. Microsoft has taken great pains and time tested research to give the best solutions to the ever complicated mailing need by current technological advancement. With this product it once again proved itself a leader in business technology acumen.

Information on the Latest Offerings

But it’s not all, keep yourself up to date and you can read more on Exchange Online plans for latest releases and offerings and how it can be a must have tool for your business needs. More assistance can be found with Exchange online Kiosk. It is a one stop shop for all your business and informational queries on Exchange Online Plans. Though it is proverbial best decision to scrutiny few options before making up one’s mind, when it comes to office 365 exchange online buy, the decision may stand unrivalled.

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