5 Commonly Outsourced Human Resources Services

5 Commonly Outsourced Human Resources Services

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Today’s corporations have to overcome plenty of obstacles to remain competitive, which is why many organizations choose to streamline operations by working with outside firms like professional employer organizations (PEO). By moving some services outside of the building, a company can accomplish more without having to spend extra money on things like salary and benefits. Here are a five of the services that could be handled by a PEO outsourcing firm.


If your company has dozens of employees who all fill out time sheets, the processing of paychecks can be a time-consuming endeavor. Not only do your human resources professionals have to calculate the appropriate amount of pay, they also have to deduct things like taxes, social security and retirement account contributions. Instead of employing an army of people to handle these tasks, your organization can accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

Background Checks

When you bring in a new employee, you’re taking a risk that he or she will represent your company in the best possible way. One of the ways that corporations ensure competent workers is through a rigorous process of screening and background checks. Instead of employing investigators in your building, you can work with a professional employer organization peo service that can dig into the history of every potential candidate.

Benefits Administration

Good companies offer an entire suite of benefits to employees, and it takes some real manpower to make these offerings possible. You could cut back on some of your perks, but that will lead to an eventual talent drain as people find favorable employment at competing organizations. From processing insurance applications during open enrollment to scheduling retirement account deductions, you can make these services much more affordable by engaging in PEO outsourcing.


The reality of today’s competitive marketplace is the departure of employees for better opportunities, but how do you find comparable replacements? If you’re experiencing heavier customer activity than usual, how do you secure temporary help to weather the storm? If you pull people off of normal operations to go through the hiring process, you’ll only end up digging a deeper hole. An outside firm can go through the preliminary screening steps so you only have to choose from a few different qualified candidates.


While nobody expects to go through difficult times, many people occasionally find themselves dealing with troubling situations like grief, depression and substance abuse. If you have an employee who is experiencing one of these issues, it can be helpful to have someone available to listen and offer support. You could keep a full-time counselor on staff to provide this service to your workers, but it’s much more affordable to delegate this important work to an outside organization on a per-case basis. Don’t lose quality workers because of emotional struggles.

Streamline Your Business

Now that you know more about PEO outsourcing, you’ll be better positioned to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. Your employees deserve excellent benefits, but there’s no reason why you have to blow out your company’s budget to deliver those perks.

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