2 Cloud Products To Improve Productivity

2 Cloud Products To Improve Productivity

by Mike W

Employers want to ensure that the employees as well as resources work in unison and also deliver maximum productivity. Clouds, which are a cohesive pool of hardware and software resources, are quite efficient and better to rely upon because of various advanced features that these possess. Microsoft clouds are considered the best in present scenario as these are built after keeping the requirements of various kinds of users in mind. Two such cloud products are – SharePoint Online and Cloud Desktop, rolled out by Apps4Rent, a tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.

Why Cloud Products for Better Productivity

Cloud products are sure-fire ticket to better productivity as these comprise of outstanding features such as:

  • Compatibility with all sorts of devices such as iPhones, iPads and android smartphones; all of which are being used the most these days.
  • Auto-updated components that ensure better availability and working environment that is functional round the clock.
  • Reliable backups of all the functional devices so that user has no downtime to deal with
  • Better security of devices guaranteed by updated anti-virus products, firewalls, and timed back-ups that keep the resources up-to-date and users get lot of time to convert it into productive hours.

https://www.cloudappsportal.com is one of the best resources that have all the relevant features crucial for the better working and intelligent allocation of resources. This portal having some of the most technologically advanced business solutions have resources that any project manage requires for easy collaboration and better team handling.

Advantages of Cloud Products

Project managers need to deal with situations where they need to manage work, travelling and status updates together. Cloud products allow the thought leaders to stay in touch with the brains behind the project and get regular updates on the progress of the tasks undertaken. SO, when it is required to call teams for meetings, share completed documents and collaborate opinions for improved working, it is advisable to select the cloud products available at https://www.clouddesktoponline.com/. The users get the best products as well as the best deals for accomplishing various purposes such as:

  • Better resource utilization
  • Better productivity
  • Better collaboration and
  • Better responsiveness of the systems

A Terrific Working Solution by Microsoft Experts

If you need to have the best working solutions for personal or business purposes, you can make use of products like Cloud Desktop by Apps4Rent, ace Microsoft Cloud Service Provider having complete array of services essential for the flawless functioning of any business entity.

Apps4Rent is a trusted name in the field of cloud support and services as this is one of the most efficient cloud service providers having won the Gold Partner membership level of Microsoft. The subscribers of Cloud Desktop can enjoy benefits like:

  • On-demand team collaboration
  • Online meetings and document sharing
  • More than 99% uptime of all resources
  • Tech support 24 hours accessible through chat, email and phone
  • Secured working environment guarded by updated firewalls and anti-viruses.

Building Internet Facing Site is a Matter of Few Clicks

You can get your website built by the best hands in the industry by subscribing to Apps4Rent. This portal also supports building of blogs, wikis, and intranet utilities and allows subscribers to manage strong communication channels.

The advantages of making website through Apps4Rent are many, but most of them are best utilized for managing teams and organizing events like meetings, online conferences, sharing of files and data and other important project management tasks.

Another noteworthy factor is that the websites can be accessed from any of the devices apart from desktops and allow the user to delegate, manage and update task status as per the convenience. Thus, it can rightly be called the portal of present times where offices are coming out of cubicles and are being managed in devices.

So, when you want to make every hour of your day a productive hour, switch to products like Cloud Desktop and SharePoint Online and see the difference in your staff productivity.

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