10 Websites For Small Businesses To Save Money

10 Websites For Small Businesses To Save Money

by Rahul M

Budgets, expenses, operating costs, equipment, furniture, payroll – these all sound painfully familiar to small business owners who have just started or who have been operating for a while. As a small business, we understand what it means to budget most of what we do into some fine lines, so we’ve put together this comprehensive list of money-saving websites that have benefited us to help you along your way as you navigate through the world of professionalism. Their services range from being free to low-cost and are all beneficial in some way to you.

Libre Office – Open Source Software

Libre Office is this amazing document software that you can download – for free. Free. Yes, we said FREE. This software has been designed and developed by a number of skilled developers to give you the most smooth using experience available. It’s compatible with other document software like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Excel, so you don’t have to worry about converting. Using open source software like Libre Office helps you save money for other expenses that will help your company progress forward and succeed. As a frequent user of Libre Office, I can attest to its versatility and reliability. I’ve never had a problem sharing my documents with others because they easily convert after being downloaded. Seriously, who could ask for a better functioning program? We realize this won’t save you millions, but it will give you dollars of savings that you can count and put towards better things. Give it a shot by downloading it from their website and tell us what you think!

Cubicle Concepts – Used Office Furniture

Need furnishings for the office that aren’t going to completely break your bank? Unable to purchase furniture, but want to optimize the space of your office? Cubicle Concepts is a premier website offering new and used furniture at fair prices while also providing excellent service when it comes to interior design. Your office will be transformed into an inviting and warm space for customers and employees while still retaining a sense of individuality and productivity. Not only are they absolutely amazing at decorating and designing, but they’re also incredibly talented at reconfiguring your current office environment if you’re unable to purchase furniture. In addition, they offer delivery, installation, furniture rentals, and buy-backs/trades. All of these services have different ways of saving you money, and they can help you with each one! Forget about thrift stores and high-end office centers – keep Cubicle Concepts in mind the next time you need to improve your office space.

Wave – Free Accounting Software

We know you love free software because we do, too, which is why we’ve incorporated Wave into this list. Wave is a free business program that helps you run accounting, payroll, invoicing, and so much more. These are some of the basic essentials to your business and it’s even better having them as free programs so that you can pay your employees without it costing you money. (Doesn’t that just sound funny anyway?) The unique thing about Wave is that it is specifically created for small businesses with nine employees or less instead of medium-sized business comprised of sometimes 50 or more employees. That means this software is made just for you! It’s built to save you time and money for more important things that will help your business succeed. Let Wave take you for a ride on the successful side and try them out.

TradeAway – Bartering

Is there something you need to get rid of in exchange for something you absolutely need? TradeAway is a free bartering website that lists your gently used items for free to be bought or traded. Registering is easy and you can set your standard on offers before coming to an agreement. Products offered in this website are listed by people just like you who want to get rid of what they don’t need for items that they do need. Categories include sporting goods, office equipment, cars, pets, and other services, so the opportunities for trading are endless. Imagine being able to trade some of your old work-out equipment for something new at the office. Picture yourself trading a simple service for a fairly new desk or some office phones to help you achieve more during the day. TradeAway can save you time and money by providing you the opportunity to use all your resources instead of just money to improve your small business. Check them out at TradeAway.com.

MyCorporation – Affordable Online Legal Services

For small businesses who are just starting or for small businesses in need of assistance, MyCorporation offers services that cater specifically to your needs. There are corporation kits, forms for tax assistance, filings for ongoing or temporary maintenance, and trademark/copyright information. For anything and everything with which you could possibly need legal guidance, MyCorporation has it for you. It’s a great resource for beginners and masters alike to keep up with and maintain their businesses. They offer a free start-up consultation for those in the early stages of building to make it as painless as possible to get things going. No longer will you have to worry about making a costly mistake with their affordable services. Learn more on their website at MyCorporation.com.

99Designs – Affordable Design Services

This website does just about everything design-related that you can possibly think of: packaging labels, art, ads, logos, mascots, tattoos, brochures, and even website themes. You choose your design every time which is carefully collected from a diverse group of designers who want to help you succeed. The process is simple and painless, not to mention totally affordable. You submit the details of your business, choose a design package, launch your contest, and then choose from the collection of designs that have been submitted to you. 99Designs also offers the option to choose your favorite designer to work with again! Design packages start at $299 with the most basic services offered to help you launch your business with the best designs available. Speak to anyone in support and see how you can benefit from this amazing service.

Internships.com – Use Interns

To save on payroll, utilize this nifty website to hire interns. The benefit is mutual as they are searching for experience while you’re searching for dedicated workers. The wonderful thing about internships is that they can be paid, not paid, for credit, or not for credit – it’s entirely up to you what you would like to offer. It would be useful to offer college students some credit for their internship so that they are gaining more than just experience, and whatever credit you do offer will likely be based on what your business is about. Small businesses who implement internship programs can benefit greatly from a variety of workers who are in constant flux. As semesters change, so do your interns. This can give your business a sense of character as well as aid college students in gaining the knowledge to succeed in their careers. The more students you help, the more successful workers enter the community. Pretty beneficial overall, right? Definitely. Click here for more information.

Upwork – Freelancers

In need of dedicated and skilled workers with who you can collaborate? Upwork is a collection of freelance workers from all over the world who are skilled in multiple web-related jobs. From blog writing to web design, you’re sure to find exactly what you need here. Hire freelancers for short- or long-term work and pay them by the hour or by the project – these options are entirely up to you depending on the needs of your business. If you have a small project that requires one person who you’d only need for a short amount of time, you can save money by hiring a freelancer from Upwork to complete what you need. After signing up, you can look through different resumes to see who would be the perfect fit for your business and your budget. Learn more here.

CheapFlights – Cheap Travel

Another great way to cut down on business costs and save money is by traveling on the cheap side. We don’t mean bunker down into a shady motel on an obscure highway – please, don’t ever do that. Rather, try CheapFlights.com, a website dedicated to saving you the most on your traveling expenses in a few easy clicks. They offer a number of deals for vacation packages, flights, car rentals, and comfy hotel rooms. In addition, you can book your flight and your hotel room in the same click to get the best deal available. CheapFlights also has a nifty tab for traveling tips to help you make the most of your business meeting or vacation that includes airline guides, news, and inspiration. Don’t settle for less in order to spend less. Book the best deals for the fairest prices by searching through CheapFlights and find the right package to suit your wallet.

Dell Refurbished – Refurbished Computers

In order to run a productive business, you’ll need to invest in office equipment like phones, fax machines, printers, and computers. That can become rather costly if you don’t know where to look. With Dell Refurbished, you can purchase affordable computers and accessories to help you start your business or maintain it. You can look through a medley of refurbished servers, monitors, laptops, desktops, and electronics all within the price range that you can afford. This can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run while keeping you effectively in tune with everything that is required to run your business. Technology will always be your best friend when running your business, so be sure to take good care of your needs by getting the best product available for the best price.

We hope this list has been helpful in your search for ways for your small business to save money. Just because you don’t want to become a huge corporation doesn’t mean you should go broke running your own show. The above websites offer you services that are specifically centered around small business needs and are there to be of usefulness to you. Whatever you might need, whether it’s equipment or employees, these websites will be the best places to start. As with most services, it’s best to go over some user reviews just to make sure you’re getting the best service possible and to see where your best options might be. Other than that, we wish you well on your journey and hope that you grow!

Joe Hall is a blogger and lover of all things tech! He loves working with small businesses and entrepeneurs to help build their business and their brands.

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