10 Things To Consider In An Event Venue

10 Things To Consider In An Event Venue

by Mike W

Dedicated meeting and event planners always go to great lengths to make certain their functions are not one-size-fits-all events, but rather they try to stage extraordinary sessions that are worthy of standing ovations. One of the most important aspects of designing a memorable event is picking the right setting. The venue plays a major role in the success for the event- be it a wedding, a corporate gathering of even a reunion.

10 Things To Look For in an Event Venue:

  1. Expert event staff – The staff really can make or break your event. They can also take a large amount of burden off your shoulders if they are efficient, knowledgeable and easy enough to work with. You could ask for references to see how other group’s rate staff.
  1. Scheduling and flexibility – If you are flexible about dates for your event, you could take advantage of specials. Be sure to visit notable event venues like the Brighton Savoy to see what’s on offer.
  1. Size, number, and configuration of the event rooms – This is a crucial aspect to take into account for the flow and look of your event. You will need to ensure that there is plenty of space to accommodate your requirements without feeling cramped or too spread out.
  1. Variety and quality of food – Food plays a significant role in the success and memorability of an event. Since an attendee’s day can be filled with meetings and other activities, food time is a time to relax and indulge a little. A top venue will make accommodations for kosher, vegan, gluten-free and other dietary requirements.
  1. Route – Find out the best way to get to your chosen location: is it easier to rent a bus, fly or drive? If the venue is within driving distance, it could be a fun team building experience to go on a road trip together.
  1. Onsite amenities and activities – Activities are imperative team building exercises, for group outings or just as general downtime. Consider a venue that tends to offer a way for attendees to include fun activities on their agendas, perhaps even activities that are unique to the area.
  1. Internet/Wi-Fi connectivity – Unless you are planning a retreat to unwind and unplug, companies should find out about Internet or Wi-Fi access and even mobile services.
  1. Lighting and AV capabilities – Carefully look into a venue’s audio-visual capabilities. Make sure they will be able to accommodate your needs, be it for a basic slideshow or elaborate concert or production.
  1. Environmental consciousness – This has become important to many event planners. Many venues now serve sustainable foods and are environmentally conscious throughout the venue, offering projects for employees to help out the community. Find out about the property’s Corporate Social Responsibility and any sustainable practices certifications.
  1. The theme/tone of the event vs. the venue’s ambiance – Take a good look at photos of the site and the surroundings. Get a good sense of the ambience. If the event is high-end, one with rustic rooms may be inappropriate.

Take these ten points into consideration when looking for your next event venue.

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