Unique Christmas Gifting Ideas For Your Employees

Unique Christmas Gifting Ideas For Your Employees

by Christina M

The Christmas holiday season is still a few days ahead but it certainly that time of the year when most of the corporates start taking their Christmas gifting seriously. A Christmas gift is not a mandatory thing but it is a great way to encourage the employees; it is a token of appreciation for their hard work, dedication, sincerity and loyalty. Not to mention, it also makes them feel special knowing that their employee cares for them and it further fuels them to put their best efforts in their work. If you are a small business owner and are looking for some creative ideas to choose a gift for your employees, you can consider the following options:


This is a great gifting option especially for all the male employees in your office. The cufflinks are an essential fashion accessory that every working professional likes and would love have a couple of pairs in their closet. It not only looks stylish and adds a dash of elegance to daily office wear but also it is quite functional. Not to mention, it is a thoughtful gift and quite unique from the regular gift items like fruit basket or a chocolate hamper. You can find a wide range of cufflinks in different budget range and designs for both men and women at online stores like Paytm. Before you make your purchase you can look for Paytm offers to get valuable discount on your purchase.

Gift Cards for Restaurants

Everyone loves to go out to dine with friends and family during the Christmas. You can make your Christmas holidays extra special for your employees by giving them a gift card for restaurant and give them the chance to take out their family to a nice restaurant. You can look for restaurants that offer special Christmas offers or e-certificates and deliver it directly to the employee’s inbox.


Today, with almost all the people having access to various digital device and tens of thousands of books available online, gifting an e-book would be a great idea. The employees can read e-books on e-readers like smartphones, tablets and even laptop computers. If you know about the personal liking of any of the staff member you can choose an e-book of the particular genre; it would surely delight them to no end. You can even consider gifting e-books to help your employees develop new skills or widen their knowledge in their field of work.

Paid Vacation

If any of your employees love to travel, you can consider giving your employees a few additional days of paid holidays so that they can enjoy their time with friends and family. You need not necessarily have to spend a huge amount on sponsoring a trip overseas; instead anything simple like free passes to the amusement park will be greatly appreciated by the employees.

Credits for iTunes

For several people music works as a therapy and what better way to let your employees relax than giving them iTunes vouchers or credits. The good thing is that you need not have to think too much about choosing the right gift, you just have to buy them the credits and they can choose music of their own choice. Also, you need not have to spend on delivering or packing the gifts, it would be directly delivered to them on their iTunes account.

So, what are you gifting your employees on this Christmas?

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