Top 5 Tools To Track Inbound Links

Top 5 Tools To Track Inbound Links

by Christina M

Inbound links are a crucial component of site advertising and SEO programs to build activity and online deals. The more prominent the quantity of relevant inbound links to a website page, the bigger the potential for higher web index rankings.

Tracking inbound links is an important part of SEO strategy. Luckily, a large number of free and paid tools are available to help you track inbound links.

Here is a list of popular inbound tracking tools to analyze your connection. There are devoted link identifiers, full site improvement suites, and inbound link tracking tools for web indexes.Like other SEO firms, Creative Over, Orange County SEO firm always uses these tools to track inbound links of clients and their competitor’s websites.

  1. Majestic SEO

It permits clients to track the information of a link for any domain. You can track link information about your own sites or even the sites of your competitors.

By confirming responsibility for domain, users can acquire a more nitty gritty report that incorporates quality connections and anchor text. The service for your own particular site is absolutely free with registration. Clients can purchase credits to acquire that same data about the sites of their competitors. Downloadable information is given on referring domains, anchor text and top pages. Additionally, the inbound link tracking tool offers a daily update feature.

  • Permits correlations to different destinations
  • Permits you to design outside connections
  • Capacity to bore drill into inbound connections to particular pages


  1. Website Grader

It is a FREE inbound link tracking tool that gives a general SEO score for sites in light of website traffic, inbound connections, SEO, social prevalence and different variables. Clients present their site URL, alongside contending site URLs. After that, users will get a detailed report that incorporates:

  • Total number of inbound links, with the choice to analyze links
  • Number of indexed pages and Google PageRank
  • Focused investigation with site evaluation, number of inbound connections and number of bookmarks


  1. Page Inlink Analyzer

It is an SEO tool that influences the Yahoo Site Explorer device specified above in a more valuable interface. It combines a left side segment posting of the listed pages for the site being examined and the inbound connections to the center URL in the right section. This permits the client to rapidly look into the inbound connections to every page of a specific site.


  1. SoloSEO

The Links Manager module helps find connections, evaluate the quality and quantity and track progress. It likewise incorporates continuous connection identification and notification if a connection is erased. It comes with a bookmarklet that shows backlink, PageRank, and also Alexa rank for the site.


  1. BuzzStream

It rearranges and deals with the procedure of developing quality connection associations with influencers over the web. Consequently track your connections crosswise over the media. Research online influencers, get measurements to help you organize your SEO activities, and develop your quality inbound link opportunities

Top 5 Tools To Track Inbound Links


Using any of the above inbound link tracking tools will help you to analyze your inbound links. It will save your time and energy. Before you starting work with these tools, do not forget to set your goals first. After that work with these tools to track your progress.

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