Things That Will Make You Think To Install Solar Panels on Your Roof

Things That Will Make You Think To Install Solar Panels on Your Roof

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Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen? Wait, read this piece of information we have a surprise and really interesting stuff for you. Yes, you will be really surprised to see that by remodeling your home you will actually start getting benefits for lifetime. Want to know more about it, read on.

Why go for solar panels?

Few years ago opting something in solar was too expensive. As the importance of the renewable energy became evident people started thinking in that direction and government also supported the same. With this, getting solar panels installed on your private property has become very easy and affordable. As the solar energy is abundantly available, you can enjoy the same by converting it into electrical energy and start saving on your monthly electricity bills.

If you are thinking of investing in your home makeover then solar panels are strongly recommend. According to some reports the rates of solar panels have dropped significantly. Below facts will amaze you and you will start thinking in adopting the same.

  • Between 2011 and 2014 the prices have dropped up to 60% of their earlier prices. With the entry of Chinese companies there is a strong competition and that is leading to further drop in prices
  • You will get the benefits of tax rebates from both the federal as well as local government bodies. With the induction of US federal renewable energy tax credit the cost of solar power system would be dearer by up to 30%. You can also get the state and local incentive benefits. If you have invested $ 15ooo on the total solar power system then you can get the payback within 10 years as you would be saving $ 1500 a year on your electricity bills.
  • The saving will not end here; the future homeowners can also enjoy the same benefits till they maintain the solar panels in good working condition.
  • Since the government is involved in this scheme there are lots of finance options available. This makes even more viable for you to go for solar panels.
  • If you are producing more than what is required then you can give it back to the grid and receive handsome amount of returns.
  • The 30% incentive scheme from the federal taxes will end in 2016. This will make solar panels worth investing.

There are various options available when it comes to solar panels. You can buy them by paying cash outright, or get the loan on entire solar system. You can lease out the solar energy system and you can go for a power purchase agreement.

With all the above mentioned reasons, it can be concluded that harvesting solar energy is one of the best available choices to save on electricity. You can contact the Orange County renewable energy for further details on various other technical aspects. So start using solar energy and contribute towards greener earth.

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