The Ultimate Interview Tactics For Your New Employees

The Ultimate Interview Tactics For Your New Employees

by DianaS

In August 2015, the job vacancies in Australia were estimated to be around 160 000. That is the increase of 2.2 % from May of the same year. These figures were published on the website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. With the increased number of job vacancies, it is expected a lot of interviews to be conducted. If you are one of those people that conducts these interviews, make sure that you think about these important tactics for your new employees.

The Ultimate Interview Tactics For Your New EmployeesAlways Be Professional

This can mean several things. It means arriving in time and greeting the potential employees. Being courteous, polite and smiling. You are reflecting your company and you are speaking in the name of it. Therefore, dress well and formal. Do not be overly friendly and overly personal, and keep it pleasant and open, but do not act as if you are already colleagues. This may misguide the candidates and that is not either professional or fair.

You Should Be Prepared Ahead

It is a good idea to phone the candidates first and then decide which ones of them will attend the interview in person. Some details like the salary, working hours and the position itself are non-negotiable and you will save a lot of time if you eliminate some of the candidates ahead. Take the CVs of those that are coming to the interview, check their references and be prepare for their questions and the questions you are about to ask them.

The Ultimate Interview Tactics For Your New EmployeesIf You Are Not Sure, Use the Agency

There is always the possibility that you will not be able to pick the candidate yourself. Preparing and conducting the interviews takes time. Going through the CVs and checking the references also requires a lot of time. If you have time, you may not have the experience in such work and you would gladly leave the entire thing to somebody who knows all about it. Then, it is the best to hire a recruitment agency like RSP Recruitment and let them do the job for you.

Make the Questions Carefully

There should be several important blocks of questions in your interview. A set of questions should be about finding out certain facts about your candidate. These should include the questions that are very specific, like “Have you ever managed a tea of people?” Their purpose is to find out precise facts about the person. The following set should check the candidate’s ability to solve problems. These should be related to your field of work. A question for your potential team manager could be “How would you solve a dispute within your team members?” Creative thinking is also important and that should also be checked with a set of questions. Among the most important types of questions are those that focus on the candidate’s personality. These include things like: “What was your worst mistake at work?” or “How do you deal with a situation when your boss treats you unfairly?”

The Ultimate Interview Tactics For Your New EmployeesBe Open for Questions

Once you have your answers, offer to answer the questions that your candidate has. This is where it is very important to be prepared and direct. Also, mind the type of questions and concerns that your candidate has. The choice of those questions can speak volumes about that person.

It seems that you have to prepare for the interview if you are the interviewer and not the interviewee. You need to be careful and conduct the interview in a proper manner. This means picking good questions, giving meaningful answers and making sure that your questions are not sensitive or insulting. With that in mind, you will pick the right candidate for the job.

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