The Importance Of Effective Waste Management

The Importance Of Effective Waste Management

by S Carol

An effective waste management plan is not only a legal requirement for most UK businesses, but it can also help to ensure the safety and integrity of a site, can help to meet health and safety standards, and it can also be used to improve the cost efficiency of a business. Using a waste disposal service that specialises in the kind of waste removal you need means that you should enjoy the best possible service and without having to compromise on quality or efficiency.

Recycling has been at the centre of waste management regulations and procedures for a number of years now, and businesses are expected to recycle any waste that they possibly can. The environmental agency may perform checks on some business types, and you may be required to acquire and retain certification that shows you have properly recycled materials like plastic, timber, and metal. Effective recycling means separating recyclable materials, storing them until they are collected, and then ensuring that the recycling company you use, ethically recycles the products in such a way that meets with environmental standards.

Some items cannot be recycled and need to be disposed of using other means. The most common means of disposing of this type of waste is in landfill. Landfill sites quickly fill up, can cause an environmental challenge themselves, and are not considered the most effective or efficient means of disposing of all items. This is why it is important that you use a reliable and reputable waste management company, so that only items that cannot be recycled or otherwise disposed of end up in landfill.

There are some items that are not considered safe for disposal at landfill, and that cannot be recycled, and it is a legal requirement that these be disposed of properly. Materials like paint and oil, as well as chemicals and other toxic materials must be disposed of properly, because improper disposal can lead to contamination of ground and water supplies, and can cause injury and illness to people that are affected.

The removal of these types of item will incur an additional cost, and you should ensure that you include this cost within your waste management plan and within your budget allowance. If you do not include disposal fees, then you will find that you are met with unexpected costs, and you should never be tempted to cut corners, because you could be hit with considerable fines and you could even face criminal prosecution if your actions are found to harm people or the environment.

There are a number of practical factors to consider when implementing a waste management plan. No matter whether you are considering recyclable or non-recyclable materials, items that need special disposal, or an overall plan, you should consider the frequency of collections, for example, so that you are not left with a collection of rubbish and recycling building up inside or outside your property. Collection frequency will affect the amount you pay your waste management service, so you need to reach a suitable compromise between frequency and cost.

Oates Environmental is a waste collection and disposal service, offering contract collection and disposal of both recyclable and non-recyclable materials, as well as additional waste management services like plant cleaning and toxic substance removal services.

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