Some Basic Information About The Spy Phone App

Some Basic Information About The Spy Phone App

by Karen Co

Smartphone spying App is a software which can be controlled using a latest updated phone. This tracker records and stores the data which you use in your daily life. From the word spy, we can easily understand that it’s a hidden tracking device. With the help of this feature, we can easily do our job without giving any signal to our opponent or any other person that they are being spied on. There are much application present in spy phone app which helps us to find someone, keep our eyes on someone any many more. This application is great for:

  • Tracking your Kid. You can keep your eye on your children in order to keep them out of the bad way.
  • Tracking your worker. You can keep your eye on your employees in order to see if they use their personal phone in working hours.
  • Create a backing up data from your mobile.
  • Tracking your mobile if someone steals it off.

Here are some features of Spy Phone App and if you want to download it, then visit the link below the Spy Phone App

Call recording

Records all voice calls. You have three free communications recorded here.

Remote monitor

Logs are saved on a server that you may visit using the internet.

Logs configuration

You have the ability to configure the manner by which the logs are transmitted.

Track multiple phones at a time

You can install our application on many phones at a time.

Browser tracker

Tracks the browser’s activities.

MMs tracker

Tracks incoming and outgoing messages. Stores the text and the pictures.

Tracker for Facebook

Used for tracking notifications as well as messages on facebook.

System activities on the phone

Whenever we reboot our phone or change any function it gets tracked.

Tracker for calendar

Latest activites added to the calendar get tracked.

Tracker for Skype

Used for tracking incoming and out going messages on skype

Tracker for Viber

All the messages on viber get tracked!!!

Latest Anti-Theft feature

If there is any change in sim card or anything unusual happens on the phone the user gets notifies.

Track Contact

Contact is tracked if a new contact added in your mobile.

Optimized application

It provides low power consumption and slow execution time.


Records nearby activities with an SMS command.


Tracks the messages on Line. It requires ROOT.


It tracks the install/uninstalls of applications and app usage.

Search  functions

Able to find the logs that you require to search.

Apps Block

Ability to block some applications.

Numbers Block

Ability to block some numbers for phone calling or SMS.

Block Web

You can block some websites based on keywords or website URL’s.


Able to configure alerts based on phone numbers or keywords

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