Solar Parking Lot Lights Provide Security and Exhibits Overall Green Image

Solar Parking Lot Lights Provide Security and Exhibits Overall Green Image

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Solar lights for parking lot are an efficient way to brighten the area without using standard utility power. It is beneficial for commercial, industrial, and residential use.

Benefits of solar lights in parking lot

  • Saves on electric bills for life because it operates on sunrays
  • Eliminates the need to trench for electric wire installation, thus is cost-effective
  • Avoid repairs to underground electrical system and saves cost linked with trenching, re-paving, re-striping and landscape repair
  • Supports renewable energy
  • Supports zero-carbon footprint, so eco-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Supplies harmless low voltage DC power
  • Needs no maintenance

From financial viewpoint, you avoid significant expenses and possibility of horrible surprises, while trenching or boring.

Three components of solar light

  1. Solar panel array
  2. Battery storage
  3. LED light

Solar PV panel includes cells that are interconnected and are situated on the top of light pole. Sunrays get absorbed by the panels and transforms into energy. This energy is stored in bulky GEL batteries. The charged batteries supply the power to switch on the lights efficiently. Similar strategy is used by parking lot solar lights to perform efficiently.

Today, installing Streetlights – solar parking lots have provided industries as well as businesses with sustainability, security, and overall GREEN image. Business owners can cut down their utility bills as well as have a well-lighted parking lot even during power outages. Illuminating unlighted and dark areas around your business property can deter criminal activities.

Residences can retro-fit their existing outdoor lights with solar? There is no need to strip the AC infrastructure but you will need to purchase several solar power assemblies. Each assembly is self-contained and includes features like –

  • Single solar panel array
  • Full cover aluminum panel pan with vents (Optional)
  • Welded rear channeled mounting bracket
  • Control electronics include charge or discharge controller
  • Aluminum battery console with vents including sealed GEL batteries
  • Welded aluminum bracket to lock with a wall or pole
  • Poles of varied heights and dimensions

Solar parking light fixtures

  • Lamping options like LED, LPS, CFL, Metal Halide, and HPS are available.
  • Photo-metrics and other line fixtures provided are certified.
  • Various styles of fixtures are available including Cobra-head fixtures, shoebox style, modern style and decorative style fixture that uses LED technology.

Each fixture supplies the necessary lighting level and distributes a perfect lighting pattern to suit the requirement of application.

Solar lights for parking lots meet the states lighting standard and are designed in vandal resistant and robust design to endure the changing climatic conditions. If you choose the LED luminaries then it decreases the maintenance cost of bulb changes.

If you intend to install solar parking lights for pedestrian and vehicle visibility in parking lot or just to prevent vandalism and theft around your home grounds then the solar system dealers will certainly provide you different options.

Of course, you can maximize renewable energy usage, decrease carbon footprint, and demonstrate your dedication to the environment.

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