Public Adjuster: When Insurance Companies Turn Their Back On You

Public Adjuster: When Insurance Companies Turn Their Back On You

by Emmie B

Your house or office building is a structure that is exposed to all that is present in the external environment. Natural activities like bad weather, storms, cyclones and floods can impact a property leaving your life disrupted and disturbed. The impact may depend on the severity of storms, rains and lightning and may require to be looked after accordingly.

This article, in no way, questions the intent of the insurance companies, but it highlights the role of a public adjuster. The one who can fight your case if you are denied or not given fair compensation. Public adjusters negotiate on behalf of the client for the settlement amount, time for clearance and any other aspect that may delay or deny you your rights as a policyholder.

Insurance companies can have baffling process for claims, compensation and public dealings. You have to be either incredibly smart or incredibly lucky to get that equation right. You may not be in a situation to depend on either one of them, because when your prized possession suffers a loss, claims may be the last thing that will be on your mind.

A public adjuster is not essentially a lawyer. These are professional who have extensive knowledge of the insurance and claims related procedures. They have knowledge and skills that come handy when the insurance companies refuse to pay the compensation for your loss. The property may suffer damages in a cyclone, thunderstorm, or earthquake a human error like fire.

These individuals can provide you with first-hand information on each and every aspect of claims and settlement procedures. They are very well versed with the terms that may be confusing for the policyholder. When an incident like an accident or a thunderstorm hits your house or office, you may not have the energy of the mental state to focus on such things.

You may leave the complex and complicated paperwork to the public adjuster who is equipped with the skills to perform this job. Public adjusters have all the necessary information that can ease the process of paperwork for you. If you do the paperwork and documentation by yourself, there are high chances that you might not get that right.

Because matters such as insurance and claims require a number of proofs and then further, they have to go through different channels for inspection and scrutinization. The whole procedure is not only time consuming, but also if you make any error, you may not get a single penny from the policy. Public adjusters explain that paperwork is one of the primary reason for rejection of the claim.

Public adjusters will be quick to approach you after the incident. However, it is advisable that you first approach the insurance company. If they are willing to pay for the damage incurred by you, and you are satisfied with the time being taken and amount being given to you. Then it is clear that you do not require a public adjuster. If not then you can look for a public adjuster, taking suggestions from your social and professional circles.

One may contact National Association for recommendations and select an associate member with a fair track record. You may keep in mind that, the role of a Public Adjuster comes into the existence when the insurance companies turn their back on you. Which is a rare case, but still, better safe than sorry.

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