Ladder Facts – Things To Know To Facilitate Selection

Ladder Facts – Things To Know To Facilitate Selection

by S Carol

One item that finds wide application for households and industry alike is the ladder that finds multiple uses in our lives. Aluminum is the staple metal that is used for manufacturing ladders. As ladders are mostly used outdoors, may require mobility and has to last long, aluminum is the most preferred metal due to its light weight and corrosion resistant properties besides being scratch resistant. It can withstand environmental hazards as it is resistant to corrosion and it is almost maintenance free. It has considerable durability that adds to its longevity. Aluminum ladders do not need any painting.

Specifications and Quality

Safety and performance are the prime considerations for heavy duty aluminum ladders regardless of the purpose of use. The specifications are developed so as to match with the stringent standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  The ladders usually come with a warranty of 5 years and are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy 6601-T6. Fibre glass and selected hardwood are also used according to specific requirements of users. Ladders can be custom built while there are some standard specifications that are available for ready use.

Types of Ladders

It is not an easy job to make a list of different types of ladders due to its wide variety. There are two types of heavy duty aluminum ladders. Fixed access ladders and special purpose ladders are the two broad groups under which different types of ladders can be included.

  • Fixed access ladders – This is the stationary type of ladder that usually stands erect against installations or can be made to stand at an inclined angle. The ladders are grouted to the ground firmly and rest against the installation for support. These are usually quite tall, above 20 feet and are provided with cages or handrails.
  • Special purpose ladders – These ladders are usually used in a wide variety of industrial applications and are available in aluminum, fibre glass and wood. The styles and models are many and there is something available for your needs. Special purpose ladders include rolling work stands, stepladders, fire ladders, inventory and platform ladders, agricultural ladders and shelf and counter ladders, loft ladders and library ladders. These ladders are often fitted with castors for easy movement.

Fixed Ladders 90 Degrees

Round rungs are designed for fixed heavy duty aluminum ladders that are vertically placed at 90 degrees instead of flat rungs because vertical climbing requires more effort of the upper body. For comfortable grip, natural support to feet and superior strength, round rungs are much better than flat rungs. The rungs that are secured to the side rails have serrations on its surface for no-slip grip.

Fixed Angle Ladders

Varied width of flat steps is a distinctive feature of fixed angle ladders as it provides the best support when climbing up a slope. These steps have ridges that are non–slip and are provided with customized hand rails.

Ascertain the category of ladder that you need and get it designed for complete safety, support and comfort.

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