How To Make Our First One Million Dollars?

How To Make Our First One Million Dollars?

by EditorA

If we want to be wealthy, we should have a burning desire to be successful and rich. We should know that we deserve to fulfil this financial desire. In fact, it should eventually develop into an unquenchable emotion that allows us to overcome many obstacles. We could start this by taking a personal responsibility for our own financial future. It means, we should associate ourselves with abundance and abundance must be likened to an ocean. It is virtually limitless. Some people use thimbles to take some of the sea water, while others bring many large buckets. Unfortunately, majority of people don’t want to get wet and they remain away from the water’s edge. In reality, the ocean doesn’t care and we should stop dreaming of being rich if we don’t want to get dirty. We need to get off our buttocks and start the weal creation project without delay. We need to promise ourselves that we will achieve our financial goals and we need to stick to it.

It is important for us to be crystal clear on our objectives and we should know what it means to be a multi-millionaire. If we are unsure about our goal, we should forget seeking to get there. That’s the only way we can amass a great fortune. A millionaire is someone with a minimum net asset of $1,000,000, after debt and tax obligations – of any. This should be a reasonably simple goal, although it may take some efforts to achieve. So, we need to write down this goal right now and look for ways to achieve it. So, once we have passed the million-dollar mark, we should be able to call ourselves a millionaire. With proper techniques, achieving the millionaire status is actually quite easy. In fact, many people have fun doing it, because their business is related to something that they love and they know how to make people excited with it. Once we have a proper goal, kit is easy to fire up our passion, because we know where we are going.

When we have a business, we should regularly monitor its turnover or gross annual income. After paying all overhead and tax, we should know the amount that’s left. We should spend the extra money to expand our business, such as adding more inventories or opening a new store. After that, the surplus can be used for anything that we love, such as hobbies and vacation. If we are a freelancer who provides specific services, we should also calculate our turnover or gross annual income. Calculating overheads and other costs should also be quite easy. Without proper goals and regular monitoring, our business could be like a rudderless ship that’s being tossed around. Achieving our first $1 million will take some effort and acquiring the next $1 million is often less challenging. However, we should adjust our schedules to make sure we can allocate efforts and clear out the inessentials.

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