How to Evaluate Whether You Should Install Solar Panel in Your House

How to Evaluate Whether You Should Install Solar Panel in Your House

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Solar panels are being installed at many houses in the US and also most of the states in the country are approving the same. You can certainly save lots of money on your electricity bill by installing solar panels at your house.

Now the question is whether your house is really suitable for solar panel? Following are the few things that you check before deciding to install solar panel at your residence.

Whether the State where you are located is suitable for solar?

Solar energy can certainly save your electricity bill, however you need to check whether the place where your house is located can really make solar energy at lower cost. The place should have sunny climate for most of the year.

The electricity costs are too high in some of the sunny states like California and Hawaii. Therefore, if you are living in these states then you qualify for installing solar panels. On the other hand there are few states where you will really not get good financial benefit as of today and therefore you need not consider solar panel for such locations.

Whether the roof is suitable for solar cells?

If the above criterion is met for your house then the next question is whether the roof of your house is suitable for solar power. Have you got sufficient open space on the rooftop where sufficient sun light is falling most part of the day?

Many houses are often surrounded by large trees where their shadow may obstruct the sunlight. Some of the house may be north facing where sunlight remains for very shorter duration. On the other hand west and south facing houses will have sufficient sunlight for most of the time and it will certainly give better cost advantage for you. However, that does not mean that you cannot install solar panel in those houses, which are not south or west facing, but your cost of installation will be little higher.

What kind of financing would suit you?

When you plan to install solar power in San Jose then you have to pay large amount of dollars for installation. The cost will depend upon what kind of panel design is suitable for your house. You can make your payment in following three ways.

  • Cash payment

If you have sufficient cash available with you then this is most convenient method to pay. You can negotiate the price with the installer and demand maximum discount. You will also get tax benefit for making cash payment.

  • Loan payment

This kind of payment is also becoming popular in the US. In this payment you can own the total system without making any payment from your pocket, but the value of your home will appreciate. However, you have to pay installation for long time.

  • Lease payment

Most people opt for this option as in this case you do not own the system, but you can save your electricity bill. However, if you sell your house then you have to transfer the lease to new owner, which may be complicated.

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