5 Things To Check Before Buying A New Flat In Mumbai

5 Things To Check Before Buying A New Flat In Mumbai

by Christina M

Finding flats in the dream city that match the description of your dream house can be tricky, but if you hang in there and give a little bit more time and patience to your search, then you are certain to land up in a place that you would love spending time in.

Whenever you are going out in search of apartments and flats in Mumbai, your expectations are undoubtedly very high. This excitement can make you act in haste, and you might end up shifting to a place that is nowhere close to what you had expected. Hence, before finalizing the deal, you should make sure you have taken all the right steps.

Things to consider before buying a new flat:

  1. Locality: Whenever you head out in search of new flat you should always see the surrounding area where you are about to move in. Connectivity to basic facilities like a hospital, school, market, an ATM, is a must. You also need to gauge if the place is peaceful or overcrowded. That may be tough to find in a city like Mumbai, but the city still boasts of some places that are not that crowded. Lastly, check if the area has easy connectivity to the local railway stations.
  2. The condition of the Flat: The condition of the flat is the first thing to put the keen eye on if you are buying the flat. Make sure you ask for the age of the building to derive its true value. Also, check for common problems like seepage in the building.
  3. Amenities: Make sure the society you pick offers basic amenities like guest parking, power backup, 24/7 security with preferably CCTV cameras, recreational club, swimming pool, sports club, etc. These may seem a luxury to you in the beginning but will soon become a necessity.
  4. Checking Documents: If it comes to this, then it is time to sit down and check the documents carefully. Firstly, inquire if you are the first buyer or is the property a resale. If you are the first buyer, then the credibility of the builder may come into question. If you plan to get a loan on the property, which is most likely going to be the case, make sure the property is approved by banks for a loan.
  5. Inquire about the Neighbourhood: You might get the flat of your dreams easily, but if your neighbour does not resonate with your vibrations, even the dream house starts feeling ordinary. Inquire about your neighbourhood before moving in or even better, talk to the neighbours once before you move in. People already living in the society can be a great source of information on the current condition of the apartment and the society in general.

If you are ready to give some time and effort, quality of apartment and flats in Mumbai is certain to mesmerize you. Make sure you take care of the finer details, and you are certain to find a place that hits the bull’s eye for your ideal home.

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