4 Types Of Entrepreneurs You Will Come Across In Today’s World

4 Types Of Entrepreneurs You Will Come Across In Today’s World

by Jacqueline S

When we talk about people who run the businesses and who have the art of being an entrepreneur, we always associate certain unique personality traits with them. When you compare the personalities of an average individual who is working on a job which has a fixed routine and dedicated to a certain role, in comparison to someone who works day and night to make a business self-sustain itself, you will notice a remarkable difference in the way both look at the life. The perspectives and viewpoints are completely different and this is what makes entrepreneurs interesting to study.

In the modern world of today, with so much expansion and ideas floating around, every entrepreneur is also different than another. They will approach, think and execute their business plans in their own manner and with their own understanding. For example, a certain businessman might not aim to invest a lot of money in marketing its products while another one might rely entirely on marketing itself. This is just one of the many schools of thoughts that are now present even in the world of entrepreneurship. Today’s blog is going to talk about four types of diversified entrepreneurs you can come across in the modern world of today.

The Traditional Businessman:

The traditional businessman is your everyday individual who owns a small retail shop or a store and is completely satisfied. He most probably is senior in the age from mid 40s to 60s and is largely happy with what he has in business and life. These types of people usually belong to the age of 70s and 60s and have struggled their way in life up till now. Depending on priorities, such businessman might be highly educated or with no education at all. Your usual mechanics, online operators and content people also fall in the same category of traditional entrepreneurs.

The Growth Potential Entrepreneur:

If you talk about the modern version of a highly successful businessman, then the growth potential entrepreneur will instantly click your mind. This is the guy usually in the range of late 20s to late 30s. He is born either with a lot of money at his back, a successful business already set up or with tremendous undefeatable passion. These are the people who look at things in the future and constantly give their life and blood in order to grow their businesses. They are also educated, tech savvy and usually have a strong understanding of the digital world of today.

The Project Oriented Entrepreneur:

This is your safe player. These entrepreneurs can very easily be also called freelance businessman. They work on a project to project basis and will usually depend on self-selling their services. They hardly have huge stakes in the business and rely on advances from the projects to run their everyday costing and operations.

The Lifestyle Entrepreneur:

This entrepreneur category usually consists of women or men who have businesses as their second priority. They usually will have a really creative idea that caters to a very niche market and this will be their business. Startups like specialized fashion labels, unique food chains and high end lifestyle products are the kind of businesses that operate under this category.

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