Top Places To Buy A House In Western Mumbai

Top Places To Buy A House In Western Mumbai

by Johnny S

Mumbai’s western suburbs are home to some of the country’s most premium neighbourhoods. These places are well equipped with public amenities, transport, and recreational options. If you want to purchase a property in Western Mumbai, here are some particularly good localities you can browse in.

  1. Bandra

Defined by luxury and posh apartments, Bandra is Western Mumbai’s premier residential locality. The place is replete with greenery and is well connected with the rest of the city. It is often called the Queen of Suburbs, thanks the various landmarks located here. Several famous Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan reside here. Moreover, the area also has buildings like the Bandra Fort, the Bandra Kurla Complex, and Mount Mary’s Basilica. Houses in Bandra tend to be slightly expensive, so if you are worried about the costs, you can always go for a home loan. Several lenders in and outside Mumbai offer attractive home loan interest rates for Bandra houses.

  1. Juhu

Top Places To Buy A House In Western Mumbai

Also known as the Beverly Hills of Bollywood because of the large number of Bollywood stars who reside here, Juhu is one of the poshest residential localities in Mumbai. The area is defined by fantastic greenery and cyan waves coming from the Juhu Beach. Several famous landmarks like ISKCON temple, Joseph’s church, Amitabh Bachchan’s house Prateeksha etc. are located here. This affluent area is also home to some of Mumbai’s most delicious street food available with vendors located across the beach. Investing in a house in Juhu is sure to bring you plenty of happiness, provided that it doesn’t strain your pockets. If you are financially uncomfortable buying a Juhu house, check the home loan offers of various banks and financial institutions. After determining your home loan eligibility and using a home loan EMI calculator to check home loan interest and EMI payable, apply for the loan. As soon as your loan is sanctioned, you can move into your dream house in the heart of Juhu.

  1. Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri

If you like living amidst affluent buildings and in a buzzing commercial neighbourhood, the Lokhandwala Complex in Mumbai’s western suburbs might just be perfect for you. The locality is filled with several upscale restaurants, banks, commercial buildings, and houses of famous Bollywood icons. Lokhandwala is also home to some of Mumbai’s most famous shopping malls and houses of people like Boney Kapoor and Himesh Reshammiya. For a comfortable purchase of a house in Lokhandwala, get a home loan from a bank or other financial institutions. Compare the home loan interest rates in India offered by different lenders, use a home loan EMI calculator to assess your affordability, get the documents in place, apply for the loan, and pack your bags to move into your dream home in Lokhandwala.

All of the aforementioned places are perfect to buy a house in Mumbai. So don’t wait anymore and start hunting for your dream house in these locations!

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